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Best Practices for Using Procore During COVID-19

In addition to Procore’s many ongoing efforts to help clients during this time, the Procore team wanted to highlight some tool features that can help your company navigate this situation on your jobsites and in your office.

Procore Products & Tool Features

Project Management

Project Stages


The Directory tool can store all contact data for project team members and vendors. Through the Company level Directory tool, you can invite project collaborators, control which tools they can access and set their tool-specific permissions.

  • Distribution Groups can be created for Announcements and other tool notifications related to the field and office teams.


The Emails tool allows you to control your communications and manage all project-related emails using one centralised client regardless of the device or software you use to manage your email.


The Documents tool allows you to manage and archive all of your mission-critical project documentation such as drawings, specifications, tender packages, emails, safety checklists, warranty information and more.


Manage all aspects of your project meetings from agenda distribution to post-meeting approval of minutes in the Meetings tool. Customisable meeting templates and categories allow you to streamline the entire process.

Announcements (Android & iOS Devices)

Streamline communication between teams on a project in the Announcements tool on your iOS or Android device. When you create announcements, you can choose which distribution groups to send them to. These announcements will then be displayed in push notifications on your mobile device and within the Procore mobile application.

  • Create announcements that will display on users' Android or iOS mobile devices and can be viewed in the app at any time. An alert badge will also appear on the Procore mobile app for any announcement received.
    Note: Users may need to adjust their notification settings on their Android or iOS device to receive push notifications when an announcement is created.
  • You can create specific distribution groups to make sending updates even easier. For example, your team could have distribution groups for the office staff and site workers so they only receive announcements that are relevant to them. 

Site Diary

The Site Diary tool is designed to provide project team members with a central location for viewing, tracking and emailing updates about daily project activities such as labour, communication, equipment, materials and more.

  • You can create custom delay types in the Delay Log for COVID-19 to track cumulative time delays across a defined duration.
  • The Manpower Log supports the creation of custom fields, which allows company admins to add relevant fields for capturing virus-related information. This is especially useful for tracking both MC and speciality contractor workers and hours.
  • The Visitor Log allows you to track and report on anyone who walks onto the job site. It also provides a comment field for teams to enter additional information.


The Tasks tool allows you to track and manage action items throughout the lifespan of the project.


Keep your team up-to-date with a real-time view of the current project programme. You can create, edit and share programmes and integrate your Primavera P6 or MS Project programmes.


The Submittals tool allows you to organise your submittal log by division, add shop drawings or even add pages from product catalogs. You can add attachments directly from your computer or from the project's Documents tool.


The RFIs tool can help you with the timely management of your RFIs to keep your project running smoothly and on schedule.

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Quality & Safety


The Inspections tool allows you to create comprehensive checklists to capture all of the requirements associated with different types of inspections that occur during the lifecycle of a project. You can create a unique template for each inspection or modify, add to or edit a company template on a project-by-project basis in the Company level Inspections tool.

The Inspections Tool can be used to track the completion of the following: 

Procore has added new inspection templates, which have been automatically added to the Company level Inspections tool for all companies with the Inspections tool enabled.


Project managers can use the Observations tool to assign tasks to project team members at any phase in the project lifecycle. Observations can encompass scopes of work including quality, safety, commissioning, warranty and work to complete.


Digitally capture and manage incidents easily and accurately with the Incidents tool. Be proactive on the jobsite and keep track of potential safety-related issues or document unfortunate accidents. Manage risk, identify trends and harness valuable data to better understand how to prevent unfortunate incidents in the future.

  • Cases of infectious disease discovered on the jobsite can be captured with the Incidents tool.
    • Select "Contagious Disease" as the Injury/Illness type when filling out an Incident report.
    • If you want to add a COVID-19 as a specific option in the Injury/Illness type
    • Custom Field Options can be used to add an additional COVID-19 specific option on the Injury/Illness Record.
  • An incident can be classified as “Medically Treated” or “Lost Time,” the number of days absent can be documented for record keeping and the incident can be reported as a “Reportable/Notifiable” event per regulatory instructions.
  • Severity levels can be set up to notify appropriate internal parties.


With the Forms tool, you can upload, access and complete fillable PDFs. You and your project collaborators can then access these forms from their mobile devices. All form templates and completed forms are stored in Procore.

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Design Co-ordination

Procore Design Co-ordination customers can connect the entire project team in one platform to improve communication and reduce project risk.

Coordination Issues

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Having remote access to critical information is more important than ever. Procore BIM customers can give project site teams a way to view coordinated models without having to install complex modeling software. Team members can conveniently access the BIM web viewer from the Models tool within the Procore web application or on mobile iOS devices to visualise what needs to be built in the field, eliminating onsite surprises and improving project predictability.


  • Share coordinated models with the entire project team utilising Procore’s mobile and web viewer. 
  • Create Co-ordination Issues straight from the model to easily communicate issues from the Field to the Office. 
  • Leverage field-to-field communication by creating observations from the mobile model viewer.

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Project Financials


Build and manage a comprehensive budget throughout a project's lifecycle. By eliminating the need for double-entry of contract modifications and variation values into complex spreadsheets, you'll have greater insight into how seen and unforeseen changes impact the bottom line. Take control over complicated project factors when evaluating and forecasting your project's completion costs.

Change Events

​​Track potential costs on a project by coordinating the entire change management process.

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Tender Management


Solicit tender for projects while providing a central location for managing and viewing the status of all tender. Contractors can download tender packages from Procore and submit tender directly back into the system.

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Procore's Company level prequalifications tool gives users the ability to extensively evaluate their companies. This helps to make sure that users best interests are protected and financial risks are minimised.

Prequalification Forms

  • Coming Soon  Procore is preparing a feature that allows you to create your own custom prequalification form questions to add to the list of preset questions that you can enable or disable. A custom prequalification question is a great way to verify what companies have established COVID-19 preventative measures such as Exposure Prevention, Preparedness and Response Plan. 

  • Edit your Prequalification form to mark critical fields as required. If you are updating your current company Prequalification form, any edits will create a new version of the Prequalification form and will update any existing forms sent to users. 

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Field Productivity


Procore's Project level Timesheets tool gives you the ability to enter current-week timecard data for employees who have been added as contacts in the Company level Directory tool and workers who have been added in the Crews tool.

  • Connect Procore’s native time tracking tools to the Smartbarrel system to have better tracking of your workforce, PPE and weather conditions. Smartbarrel can provide RFID key fobs to create time tracking that does not require physical contact with devices and uses a camera to capture a photo of the individual clocking in/out.
  • Employees can use the My Time tool in the Procore mobile application for Android and iOS devices to clock-in/out, submit time entries and sign off on time entries without using another user’s device.
  • Connect Procore’s native time tracking tools with TIKS VMS to get temperature screening on your jobsite. TIKS VMS has thermal cameras that can detect human skin temperature and log it as well as escalate to a site supervisor when temperatures indicate a potential fever risk.

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Portfolio Financials

Track asset performance, measure project costs, compare tenders and aggregate performance insights across your entire portfolio. Gain an at-a-glance view of each asset in addition to individual cost items.

Approval Workflows

Project Cost Report

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Capital Planning

Update capital plans faster and more often with access to accurate information. Capital plans are updated in real-time as costs data from individual projects are entered.

Cash Flow Forecast

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Services & Support

Training Centres

A Training Centre is a service that allows companies to build custom documentation and materials for their team. This content is kept in a private section on Procore's Support site and is only accessible to users who have been granted access, making it the most efficient way to keep your internal team and external collaborators trained and up-to-date with your company's best practices. If your company uses a Training Centre, you can create COVID-19 specific documentation to serve as a single source of truth of best practices and company-specific procedures. You can then manage and update your own content as needed.


Procore Community:

Partner Integrations

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*Please note that the below is a list of potential ways that Procore can be leveraged in helping to document COVID-19 related impact across multiple tools. This list was sourced from some client best practices and input from internal Procore resources. Please defer to Local, Central and National Governance with respect to requirements. 

The use of features outlined in this document does not guarantee compliance with any applicable laws and regulations, nor does it guarantee avoidance of any specific incident. Please contact your attorney to obtain advice with respect to any particular issue.