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Can I disable the Change Events tool?


No. The Project level Change Events tool cannot be directly disabled by a Procore user. To disable the tool, your company's Procore Administrator must submit a request to your Procore point of contact. This action can only be performed by Procore. 

Important Considerations Before Requesting to Disable the Change Events Tool

To maintain the integrity of your project's financial data, Procore strongly recommends that you do NOT disable the Change Events tool after it has been enabled on a project. Disabling the tool will result in the following:

  • Loss of change event reporting capabilities. This includes all of the project's change events information, such as Change Events, Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) and Request for Quote (RFQ) data.
  • Loss of your project's change events data. This includes all of the project's change events information. However, it does NOT include Potential Variations (PVs), Main Contract Variations (MCVs) and Commitment Variations(CVs).

If You Choose to Disable the Change Events Tool

After the tool is disabled, your company's Procore Administrator will need to remove the Change Events tool from any existing Procore project template(s) that it may be enabled on. This will prevent the tool from appearing in the Project Tools menu on new projects created from a template. For more information about project templates, see Configure a Project Template and Edit a Project Template.