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Can users with 'Standard' level permission create RFIs?



Yes. Users with 'Standard' level permission to the project's RFIs tool can create 'Draft' RFIs (see What is a 'Draft' RFI?). In conjunction with the RFI Manager role (see What is the RFI Manager Role?), this allows users who are typically assigned 'Standard' level permission (i.e.,  subcontractors and site managers) to create a 'Draft' RFI, which is then managed by the person on the project who has been designated as the RFI Manager.


  • An RFI Creator with 'Standard' level permission on the project's RFIs tool can only create 'Draft' RFIs. 
  • In this scenario, RFI Creators will NOT receive email notifications and will NOT have permission to view responses on the RFI until the RFI Manager marks and distributes the 'Official Response' for the RFI. 
  • If you want RFI Creators with 'Standard' level permission to be included on email notifications, you must add that person to the RFIs Distribution List. 
  • 'Standard' users with the 'Act as RFI Manager' granular permission enabled on their permissions template can create 'Open' or 'Draft' RFIs. 

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