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Common Questions about Apps and the Procore App Marketplace

Here are answers to some common questions we receive regarding Apps, integrations and the Procore App Marketplace.



What is an App?

An App or integration, is a software program or service built by Procore, a Procore client or by a third party, that integrates with Procore’s API to extend the functionality of Procore's core product. Apps are categorized as either Marketplace Apps or Custom Integrations.

What is the difference between a Marketplace App and a Custom Integration?

Marketplace Apps are listed on the Procore App Marketplace and can be installed and used by any Procore client. Company admin permissions are required to install and configure a Marketplace App in a company account. Procore technology partners are the primary contributors to the Marketplace, though a number of Procore-built Apps can be found there as well. In contrast, Custom Integrations are developed by Procore clients themselves (or their contractors) to fit a specific business need within their organisation. Data connection to other internal business systems is a common use case. Custom Integrations only run within the client's own Procore company account and are not accessible by other users. Custom integrations can also be developed by the Professional Services and Technical Services teams at Procore. 

What is a Service Account?

A service account (created in the Company Admin tool) provides a mechanism for a Marketplace App or Custom Integrations to authenticate with the Procore API using the Client Credentials grant type. Procore users can refer to this FAQ for more detail. Developers interested in leveraging service accounts in their solutions should see Using the OAuth 2.0 Client Credentials Grant Type.

I don't see a specific integration available on the App Marketplace, can I suggest an integration?

Yes. Use the “Submit an Idea” form found in the top-right corner of the Procore App Marketplace web page.

What if I want to build an App to list on the App Marketplace?

You can (provided you have the background and know-how). Become a Procore technology partner by visiting the Procore Partners page.

What if my company wants to build an App for their own use?

You can do that too. Visit the Procore Developer Portal to sign up and learn more about accessing our API.

What type of developer support do I get if I want to build my own integration?

Procore has an API Support team dedicated to providing world-class support while utilising Procore’s API to build your integration.

What does an integration with the label 'Built by Procore' mean?

“Built by Procore” simply means that the integration was built by Procore’s development team and is also fully supported by Procore’s support team. For further support please contact

What does an integration with the label 'Beta' mean?

This publisher has chosen to run a beta trial for this integration. If you are interested in participating in this beta trial, click 'Contact Us' on the App page, complete the form and submit. This beta trial may have limited availability and the publisher controls who is allowed to join the test group.

What support do you offer for integrations that are not built by Procore?

While Procore cannot support these integrations, the publisher will. The Support section of the App's listing on the App Marketplace page shows contact information for their support team.

Is there a limit to the number of Apps I can use?

No. There is no limit to the number of Apps you can install and configure in your Procore account.

Are the integrations listed on the Procore Marketplace safe to use?

Absolutely! Apps listed on our App Marketplace need to pass a strict list of technical requirements before being listed on the App Marketplace.

Is there a cost associated with an App not built by Procore?

Possibly. Each App is unique and the costs associated are managed by the App publisher.

Have additional questions?

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