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Procore (en-GB)

Does a subcontractor need a copy of their payment application invitation to submit a payment application?


No. The user does NOT need a copy of the payment application invitation. However, the user must be designated as an 'Payment Application Contact' on the commitment associated with the payment application. See Add Payment Application Contacts to a Commitment. The user must also be granted the appropriate access permissions detailed in Submit a Payment Application as a Subcontractor.

How does Procore send payment application invitations? 

When a Procore user creates a new billing period, that user has option to send out an automated billing invite to anyone who is either (1) named on the 'Private' list for the payment application or (2) a member of the Commitment tool's default 'Payment Application Contact' list. See Start a New Billing Period and Send Payment Application Emails and Create Payment Application Contacts.

What do I do when an payment application contact reports a payment application invitation is lost or missing?

If a payment application contact reports that a payment application invitation or reminder email is lost or missing, let that person know they can log in to Procore and submit the payment application the Commitments tool. For instruction, see Submit a Payment Application as a Subcontractor.

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