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How do I manage the storage the Procore mobile app is using on my device?


When you view items in Procore's mobile application while online, they are downloaded to the Procore app. This enables you to access project information stored in Procore without an internet or network connection. If you are viewing items that are larger files, such as drawings or documents, these end up saving to your device and taking up storage. 

If you notice that the Procore mobile application is taking up too much storage on your device, you can follow the steps below to remove the saved data from your device. It is important to note that clearing cached data does not remove the items from Procore, it only clears them from your device's memory. 


Deleting cached data on a device means that items that were previously downloaded in the app will need to be downloaded again the next time you want to access them.

For example, if you cleared all cached data for a project, you will need to download items (such as drawings) to the Procore app again before being able to view them.
Note: Downloading or refreshing items requires an active internet connection, so you will need to download items before working in offline mode. 

Note: Only perform the following actions while connected to an internet connection.

Manage Procore Storage on the Procore for iOS App

  1. Open the Procore app using an iOS mobile device.
  2. Tap Settings in Procore's toolbar tab. 
  3. Tap Manage Storage.
    Note: This reveals a list of your projects and the amount of storage each project is currently using on your device.
  4. Tap Edit.
  5. Tap the projects for which you want to delete cached data.
  6. Tap Delete Cached Data. 

Manage Procore Storage on the Procore for Android App

  1. Open the Procore app using an Android mobile device.
  2. Tap the Settings   icon.
  3. Tap Manage Storage. 
    Note: This reveals an overview of your Procore app's current data usage.
  4. To manage your data by tool, tap the Delete  icon next to the desired tool.
  5. To clear all cached Procore data from your device, tap Clear All Local Data.