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How Do I Resolve the "There was an error adding, modifying or deleting XXXXXX-XXXXXXXXXXX because it is already in use." Error when Exporting to ERP


You may encounter this error when trying to export Commitment Variations (CVs) to QuickBooks® Desktop. When this error is triggered, you may also see an error in QuickBooks® Desktop stating "The transaction could not be locked". This export failed because the Purchase Order (PO) is currently open in QuickBooks® Desktop. The X's in this article represent the unique ID of the PO that will be displayed on your error message. Follow the instructions below to remedy the issue.


  1. In QuickBooks, close the window where the Purchase Order is displayed.
  2. Reject the commitment variation from the ERP Integrations, Commitment Variations, Failed to Export filter.
  3. On the Commitment Variation page, click Re-send to ERP
  4. On the ERP Integrations, Commitment Variations, Ready to Export filter, Accept and Export to QuickBooks.
Occasionally, closing the PO in QuickBooks® Desktop does not resolve this issue. In that case, have everyone exit QuickBooks® Desktop, then repeat steps 2-4.

If these steps do not resolve your issues, please contact Support with details of which error you have been receiving and which steps you have already tried along with the exact outcome.