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What is data syncing for Workforce Planning?


When setting up Workforce Planning, customers first need to choose how you want to add information to Workforce Planning. See What Integrations are available for Workforce Planning.

After you select how to get information into Workforce Planning, you can choose to sync people and project data so that information is kept in sync in Workforce Planning and other Procore tools.


Data syncing passes information between the Workforce Planning tool and other Procore tools so that information is available in both the Workforce Planning tool and other tools in Procore, such as Procore’s Company level Directory and Portfolio.

Data is synced between Workforce Planning and Procore once every hour. 


If you are setting up data syncs for the first time, you may need to link existing records in the Portfolio tool and Company Directory with records in Workforce Planning. We recommend that you do this step before your initial sync to avoid duplicates across the system. Data linking is done internally at Procore. You must reach out to your Procore point of contact to link your records.

To avoid duplicate records of people, ensure that the following fields match in both the Company Directory and Workforce Planning People List:

  • Employee ID
  • Employee Email Address
  • User Types

To avoid duplicate projects, ensure that the following fields match in both the Portfolio tool and Workforce Planning Projects List:

  • Project ID

If you are ready to set up data syncing, see Prepare Data to be Synced between Workforce Planning and Procore.