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What source columns are available in custom budget views?


source column pulls its values directly from a data column in one of Procore's project tools. You also have a variety of source options. Most source options also provide you with the ability to choose advanced settings for filtering and refining the data in your budget view. See Set up a New Budget View for more detailed instructions on how to create custom budget views.

Budget Change Production Quantity
  • Budget Change Production Quantities
Budget Change Unit Quantity
  • Budget Change Unit Quantity
Change Event Production Quantity
  • ROM
Change Event Unit Qty
  • Revenue ROM
  • ROM
Change Events
  • Revenue ROM

  • ROM

  • Budget ROM

  • RFQ

  • Non-Commitment Costs

  • Subcontracts
  • Purchase Order Contracts
  • Variations
Direct Costs
  • Direct Costs
Direct Costs Unit Quantity
  • Direct Costs Unit Quantity
Installed Production Quantity
  • Installed Production Quantity
Owner Payment Applications
  • Owner Payment Applications
Main Contract
  • Main Contract
  • Variations
Main Production Quantity
  • Variations (MCVs) Production Quantity
  • Under 'Advanced Settings':
    • Variation Requests Production Quantity
    • Potential Variations Production Quantity
Main Unit Quantity
  • Variations (MCVs) Unit Quantity
  • Under 'Advanced Settings':
    • Variation Requests Unit Quantity
    • Potential Variations Unit Quantity
Production Quantity
  • Budgeted Production Quantity
Production UOM
  • Budgeted Production UOM
Subcontractor Payment Applications
  • Subcontractor Payment Applications
Timecard Entry Hours
  • Timecard Entry Hours