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Why am I receiving emails from Procore?


You may receive emails from Procore:

  1. From ("Procore Platform Emails")
    1. As service updates associated with any number of projects in the Procore Platform.
    2. If you are on a distribution list for any projects in the Procore Platform.
    3. Have items assigned to you with the Procore Platform.
  2. You might also be receiving emails for Procore webinars, product feedback or incidents (“Other Emails”). See the information below to learn how you can control certain emails.


Procore Platform Emails are used across Procore to keep relevant stakeholders informed of important project information and any tasks that may be assigned to them within the Procore Platform. Procore has multiple forms of notifications across many tools. If you have been added to a Procore project, you will likely receive email notifications for items such as: drawings, variations, snag list items and inspections).

Procore Support does not have control over the Procore Platform emails that are sent and cannot unsubscribe you from any emails. Your inclusion in a project is controlled by the Customer who has purchased the Procore Platform and provides project access (The Project Owner) who has added you to a project.

Emails sent from are sent for the business purposes of project management as determined by the Project Owner. These emails are sent automatically after you have been assigned to an item, been added to a distribution list for a project or as part of your system access to the Procore Platform.

How can I stop receiving notification emails for Procore Projects?

If you do not want to receive notifications for a Procore project, you will need to reach out to the Project Owner (such as a Project Manager) that added you to the Procore project or item.

Can I Unsubscribe From Other Procore Emails?

While you cannot unsubscribe from Procore Platform Emails, you can unsubscribe from the following Other Emails from Procore:

  1. Notifications for the Drawings and Photos tools (if you had subscribed to updates).
    • To unsubscribe:
      1. Clear the tickbox next to 'Subscribe' in the relevant tool. See Unsubscribe from the Drawings Log for an example.
        Note: If an 'Admin' user added you to a subscription list, you will need to ask them to remove you.
  2. Procore marketing emails related to webinars and seminars:
    • To unsubscribe:
      1. Click Unsubscribe at the bottom of the marketing email.
  3. Emails related to product feedback that you have voted on or added a comment on:
    • To unsubscribe:
      1. Sign in to with your Procore login credentials.
      2. Under your name, click Settings.
      3. Clear the tickbox next to any emails you do not want to receive. Your changes will be saved automatically.
  4. Emails related to Procore incidents (if you had previously subscribed to updates):
    • To unsubscribe:
      1. Click Unsubscribe at the bottom of the incident email.