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Why am I receiving the error 'No user found with the given email address' when logging in with SSO?


When logging into Procore as a user whose company has Single Sign-On (SSO) enabled for your email domain, you may receive an error stating there is no known user with your email address after entering your login credentials. This does not necessarily mean you do not have a Procore account with the email address you are attempting to log in with. Instead, it is likely there is a mismatch between the email address set as your Procore login email and the primary email address configured for you in your company's SSO Identity Provider's (IdP) Active Directory. Your email address must be an exact match in the Procore Directory and your company's IdP Active Directory for SSO to function as your login service.


To find the discrepancy between email addresses and resolve this error, you will need to contact your internal IT team and ask that they run a "SAML trace". A SAML trace will show the email address your company's IdP is trying to log you into Procore with, as well as the email address Procore recognises as your username for login purposes.

Procore Support is unable to perform this task on behalf of your IT department, but can assist with reading the resulting SAML trace file and recommending next steps. If your IT team needs additional assistance after running the SAML trace, please have them reach out to and include the SAML trace file in their request for assistance.