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Why can't I create WBS custom segments?


Procore's Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) has three (3) default segments: Cost Code, Cost Type and Sub Job (optional). You can also add custom segments. For example, Phase, Location and more. However, some users may NOT yet have the option to create custom segments in their Procore accounts at this time for different reasons. See below for more details. 



If your Procore account is integrated with an ERP system, you can use the default segments in Procore's Work Breakdown Structure. However, it is important to note that custom segments are only supported by some ERP integrations. To learn whether your ERP integration supports custom segments, see Things to Know about your ERP Integration.

Did you independently develop or purchase a third-party solution to integrate with Procore? To take advantage of the capabilities associated with WBS, any existing API integrations that you have independently developed or purchased to interact with Procore's Financial Management tools must be updated to support Procore's new WBS API. 
If your Procore company account is integrated with certain ERP systems...
You can add segment items to default segments

Add Segment Items 1

You cannot add custom segments

Add Custom Segments 2

 1 You can only add custom segment items to Procore's default segments in WBS. To learn the difference between a default segment and a custom segment, see What are segments and segment items?

2 You cannot add custom segments because your integrated ERP system does NOT support the custom segment concept introduced with Procore's WBS.