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What does beta mean?

When a Procore software product is in beta release, it means both the software and the accompanying support articles are in a state of prerelease and they are actively being developed by the Procore team. During the beta phase of the software development process, prerelease software and documentation is made available for use by participants of the Procore Technologies Beta Program. Prerelease software may be made available to a small or large group of users. This allows participants to test the software under real conditions and gives Procore the ability to better identify and fix potential software issues, optimise product performance, as well as to enhance and improve the user interface. 

Why offer beta products?

Procore offers beta and prerelease products to our clients because we value working hand-in-hand with our clients and want ensure that our newest products solve real problems. Our Beta Program gives us a chance to obtain feedback from clients who want to help us build while giving them access to products they have been waiting for. 

What type of engagement is Procore looking for?

We plan to work through the beta process until the product meets and exceed expectations. If the product isn't ideal, we want your feedback so we can make it better. Since beta products have not been officially released, you'll likely encounter some issues. Identifying and resolving issues and bugs is the main goal of a beta release, so be sure to share your experience. 

We're looking for information and feedback about:

  • Major or minor issues
  • Unexpected or incorrect behaviour
  • Incorrect or insufficient functionality
  • Ease of use
  • What you liked about the product

How do I provide feedback?

A Procore representative may ask you to take a quick call, share your screen or complete a survey. If you have been working with someone on Procore's product team, you may contact them directly. Otherwise, click the Beta Send us your feedback link in the upper right-hand corner for that tool.