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The following page highlights the most significant changes that were made to the Procore for Android application in 2014.


  • Create new meetings and meeting items, as well as edit existing ones
  • View multiple distributed submittal responses
  • Support for Spanish
  • Import images into Procore from your device's Gallery


  • Improvements to drawing markups
  • Support for Lollipop
  • Official RFI replies are now marked as "official" on the screen
  • Improved overall performance


  • Fixed regression in RFI replies 


  • New dashboard for Android phones (not tablets)


  • Support for the Programme tool
  • Support for Draft RFIs
  • View recent projects
  • New assignee pickers and views


  • New hyperlink UX/UI
  • Support for custom tools 
  • Support for remembering the last location
  • Support for displaying job titles when viewing contacts
  • Improvements to the Submittals tool
  • Support for snag item types
  • Improvements to viewing attachments


  • Discipline filter for drawings
  • Added 'Done' button on quick snap camera
  • Improvements for bluetooth keyboards
  • Support for the Meetings tool
  • Create/Edit is now a dialogue


  • Support for searching Submittals and Documents
  • Added photo size options


  • Added flash to camera
  • Improved uploader
  • Improved image/drawings performance
  • Support for searching in the Directory
  • Added timestamp to camera
  • Filter snag items by location


  • Copy forward site diary days
  • Added location to Snag List and Site Diary
  • Support for adding hyperlinks to Drawings


  • Print drawings and photos
  • Support for uploading multiple images at once


  • Smoother spinners and faster loading times
  • Sort albums by oldest/newest
  • Send messages directly from directory (including WhatsApp and Google Hangouts)
  • Major improvements to image quality


  • Resolve and unresolve snag items from within the application and add command and photos along with it
  • Drop snag items directly onto drawings
  • Support for adding multiple attachments to the Notes Diary
  • View sketches in Drawings tool


  • Intuitive dashboard to give users a quick snapshot of a project's status
  • Support for Site Diary Timecard
  • Upload Optimizations


  • Support for sending a copy of a sent email to the sender


  • Upload on Wi-Fi only to prevent large file uploads/downloads from impacting mobile phone data plans
  • Improved upload notifier
  • Preserve photo metadata in all tools
  • Added markup to photo adders on all tools
  • Image preview for Notes Diary


  • Post RFIs to drawings
  • Increased overall image quality
  • Image previews for snag items with multiple attachments
  • Added increments to site diary
  • Added 'uploaded on' date to photos
  • Enabled markups on drawings


  • Add/Edit photo descriptions
  • Enabled markup on photos


  • Improved image handling. Full zoom on drawings and photos
  • Enabled in-app notifications


  • New UI on all devices
  • Support for landscape view of photos on phones
  • Added 'taken on' date to photos
  • Delete attachments from Site Diary tool
  • Rename/Delete documents and folders


  • Added project numbers
  • Sync directory and contacts
  • Added quick snap
  • Delete photos