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Admin: Account Information Updates

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.
Feature Announced: October 24, 2018  /  Feature Released: November 19, 2018


Updated Admin Page: Account Information

The landing page for the Company level Admin tool is now the Account Information page from the Company Settings page. This is to make sure your account administrator can reference important account details, contacts, tools (licensed & trial, if applicable), and all available Procore products in their account. The Company Settings page is still accessible by clicking on the Company Settings page on the right.

There is a new link to the Company Admin page called "Account & Admin Settings" on the User Avatar drop-down menu. "My Account Settings" has been renamed to "My Profile Settings" to prevent confusion between the two. 

account information.png my profile settings.png account information page.png


If you have questions or feedback about the new Account Information experience, please contact