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Admin: New! Configurable Alerts for the Incidents Tool

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.
Feature Announced: January 23, 2020 / Feature Released: January 27, 2020


Configurable Alerts for Incidents Tool

Procore has added two new tabs to the Incidents Tool Settings in the Company level Admin tool called 'Alerts' and 'Severity'. Users with Admin level permissions on the Company level Admin tool can configure a colour-coded scale for an injury/illness record's severity based on the filing type selected. Alerts in the form of email or push notifications sent to specified recipient groups can also be configured based on the injury/illness record's severity.


Configuring Severity

The severity scale can be configured with either four or five levels of severity in either ascending or descending order. Each level of severity has a label that can be modified.


Severity for Injury/Illness Records Filing Types

You can configure the severity level for each filing type for injury/illness records to connect the filing type to the alert. See Configuring Alerts below.


Configuring Alerts

Users added to an alert's recipient group based on severity levels are referred to as 'Alert Recipients'. 'Alert Recipients' are configured at the Company level, Project level permissions are still respected. Users need to be added to a project and need to have 'Read Only' permissions or higher on the project's Incidents tool in order to receive alert push notifications and/or emails for that project.


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