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Co-ordination Issues: New Documents Tool Integration with Navisworks®

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.
Feature Announced: June 2022 / Feature Released: September 07, 2022

Quickly Access Procore Project BIM Files in Navisworks®

Procore has released a new plugin for Navisworks® that allows users to easily access files stored in the project's Documents tool. Users can open and append files, as well as save new NWF files back to Procore. This integration helps empower team members to keep files up to date and reduce the risk of rework. See Getting Started Guide: Documents Plugin for Navisworks®.


  • You must have access to Autodesk® Navisworks® Manage.
  • The plugin application can only be installed on Windows computers.
  • The Co-ordination Issues Tool must be active on the project.
  • This feature requires permissions to the Co-ordination Issues AND Documents tool. Users must also be added to permissions lists as necessary for private files and folders in the project's Documents tool. See Manage Permissions for Files and Folders in the Project Level Documents Tool.


The new Documents plugin can be downloaded from the Co-ordination Issues tool in Procore.


After installing the plugin application to your computer, you will see a Procore Documents tab in Navisworks® to open, append and save files to your project's Documents tool.


See Getting Started Guide: Documents Plugin for Navisworks® for more information.


What file formats Are supported in the Integration?

The integration supports the following file types for the available actions:

  • Open: 3dm, 3ds, asm, CATPart, CATProduct, cgr, cv7, dlv3, dri, dwf, dwfx, dwg, exp, fbx, g, ian, ifc, iges, igs, ipj, ipt, jt, man, model, neu, nwc, nwd, nwf, pdf, prj, prp, prt, prw, rvm, rvt, sab, sat, session, skp, sldasm, sldprt, step, stl, stp, wrl, wrz, x_b
  • Append: dwg, ifc, nwc, nwd, rvt
  • Save: nwf
What happens if I want to save a project that contains a model from Procore DocUments and my local computer?

Currently, Procore does not support saving a *.nwf file when you have a combination of models opened from Procore Documents and your local machine. It will ask you to save all the local files in the Procore cloud and then reload the model from Procore Documents.

What information will be displayed in the Navisworks® status bar?

The status bar (in the bottom-left corner in Navisworks®) shows the following statuses:

Icon Status Description
icon-docs-plugin-connected.png Connected to Procore You are connected to Procore Documents and will be notified of any updates.
icon-docs-plugin-newer-model.png Newer Model Version Available You need to open the File Info window to update the models in your project.
icon-docs-plugin-not-connected.png Procore Plugin Update Required Click Open or Append to download the new version of the plugin.
icon-docs-plugin-not-connected.png Not Connected to Procore You are not connected to Procore Documents and will not be notified of any updates.



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