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Procore: Push Notifications for Procore Mobile Apps (Android & iOS)

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.
Drafted: June 27, 2018


New Push Notifications for the Procore Mobile Apps

In an effort to expand Procore's mobile device notification capabilities for Procore for Android and Procore for iOS users, a variety of push notifications have been released. 

What is a push notification?

A push notification is an alert or message that is sent to your device from a mobile app; these alerts appears in your mobile device's notification center. Procore's mobile apps now support push notifications for specific tools and features. See Which tools support push notifications? 

Procore recently released an "@mentions" feature for the Project level Photos tool. Project team members can use this feature to notify specific team members about new images by mentioning their name in a comment for an image uploaded to the Photos tool. For instructions, see Mention Someone in a Photo Comment. In a previous version of Procore, this sent an email notification to the user who was targeted by the @mention. When configured properly, rather than sending out an email notification, you can opt to send a push notification to your mobile device. See Configure Settings: Procore iOS App and Configure Settings: Procore Android App
Push Notification Example (iOS)

Push Notification Example (Android)


Which tools support push notifications?

The following tools currently support push notifications to your mobile devices running the Procore for Android or Procore for iOS app:

Tool Push Notification Events Tasks that Trigger an Event How to Configure the Push Notifications
Drawings Drawing Revision Published and Distributed Publish and Distribute Drawings

Manage Push Notifications (iOS)
Manage Push Notifications (Android)

Photos Photo Uploaded Upload Photos
Upload Photos to an Album in Procore
  Mention in Photo Comment Mention Someone in a Photo Comment
Mention Someone in a Photo Comment (Android)
Mention Someone in a Photo Comment (iOS)
RFIs Ball In Court (BIC) Shift Shift the Ball In Court on an RFI
  RFI Reassigned Add Assignees to an RFI as an Assignee on an RFI

1 Procore sends the push notification to users who have enabled the appropriate configuration settings whenever a user adds and changes an 'Assignee' when creating a editing an RFI that is not in the 'Draft' status. 

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