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Requisitions and Pay Apps: Invoicing Updates Phase 2

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.


Requisitions and Payment Applications: Invoicing Updates

The following changes have been made to the tools for invoicing (Requisitions in the Commitment tool and Payment Applications in the Prime Contract tool):

  1. Payment Applications:
  • Custom billing groups. 
  • Showing change order values in line with the original SOV values
  1. Requisitions: 
  • Creating a General SOV
  • Allowing your (sub)contractors to collaborate in the breakdown of that SOV for use on the Requisition. See "Create Commitment Subcontractor Schedule of Values" in the See Also section below. 
  1. Renaming Payment Applications and Requisitions. See "What happened to Requisitions and Payment Applications?" in the See Also section below.
  • Within the Commitments tool, Requisitions are renamed to Invoices.
  • Within the Prime Contract tool, Payment Applicationare renamed to Invoices.
  • Within a project, but outside the Commitments tool, Requisitions are renamed to Subcontractor Invoices.
  • Within the project, but outside the Prime Contract tool, Payment Applications are renamed to Owner Invoices.
  • At a company level, Requisitions are renamed to Subcontractor Invoices and Payment Applications are renamed to Owner Invoices

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