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Submittals: Two Approaches for Generating a Submittals Register

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.
Published: July 3, 2018


Submittals: Two Approaches to Generating a Submittals Register

Procore recently released the Submittal Builder which provides users with the ability to automatically generate submittals using your project's Spec Book. Due to challenges faced by end users who have been required to input their submittals data into the CSV format or an XLSX workbook, Procore has created two simplified methods for generating your project's register: The Submittal Builder and the New Submittals Import Process. 

What is the Submittal Builder?

The Submittal Builder is Procore's recommended method for generating your project's submittal register. This new feature is located in the Project level Specifications tool and it is designed to scan every page of your project's Spec Book to then automatically generate your submittal register in minutes. When testing this feature, 83% of our clients said this feature saved them 5-7 days of work per project--which is results in a significant reduction to the amount of rework that must be done by project team members. To learn more, see Add Submittals to the Submittal Builder.

What is the new submittals import process?

As part of Procore's efforts around streamlining the amount of time it takes to generate a submittal register, Procore has updated the existing submittals import process. First, the number of columns in the Procore-provided submittals import template has been reduced. This ensures that project team members only import the information that is relevant to the project. Project teams can then edit each imported submittal with information that is pertinent to your specific project requirements (e.g., creating a submittal workflow with different project team members, different due dates, and so on). If you are user with 'Admin' level permission on the project's Submittals tool, the new CSV or XLSX version of the import template is available to you by request only. Users who are familiar with past versions of this template can also rest assured that those templates continue to be supported. For details about the request proces, see Request a Submittals Import.

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