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Get Started with Custom Tools


To provide you with examples illustrating how you can work with the Custom Solutions Team to develop a custom tool for the Procore web application. 

About Custom Tools

Procore offers a wide variety of construction management tools for use at the Company and Project levels (for example, Commitments, Submittals, RFIs, and so on). Although most construction management tasks can be performed using one of the available tools, some customers choose to build a custom tool. In Procore, a custom tool is a generic, pre-built tool that can be enabled for your company account or for one or more projects. When creating a custom tool, the Custom Solutions Team can also work with you to incorporate other add-on services, including custom fieldscustom forms and custom workflows.


Some examples showing how your company might work with the Custom Solutions Team to build a custom tool include:

  • Notice Management
    If you are responsible for managing a project's legal notices (e.g., Preliminary Notice, Notice of Compliance, Notice of Stop Work, Notice of Intent to Lien (NOI), and so on), you can create a custom tool to streamline the letter creation process and to capture important information about correspondence.
  • Equipment Check Out
    If you are responsible for managing the use of equipment on a project, you might want to create an equipment checkout tool. This provides you with a place to log persons requesting the use of your equipment. For example, you might want to create a tool to capture the borrower's name, equipment make and model, check in/out dates and detail about the item's physical condition upon return. 

Available Fields for a Custom Tool

The following illustration describes the fields that are available when building a custom tool with the Custom Solutions Team. For your custom tool, you can opt to remove any of these fields as required.

Field Option Screenshot Field Type Field Description




Enter up to 255 alphanumeric characters.




Enter an unlimited number of alphanumeric characters.




Enter a number or letter.

Created By


Prefilled Value

Displays the name of the user who clicked the Create button.

Created Date


Prefilled Value

Displays a date stamp that shows the date the item was created.

Due Date


Drop-down calendar control

Select one (1) date from a drop-down calendar control.

Assigned To


Drop-down list (single-select)

Select one (1) user from a list of users with 'Standard' permission or above.

Programme Impact


Number (in days)

Enter a number to represent a number of days.

Cost Impact


Decimal (USD only)

Enter a number in a decimal format.



Drop-down list (single-select)

Select an existing location from the list in the project's Admin tool or create a new location.

Cost Code


Drop-down list (single-select)

Select a cost code from the project's cost code list.




Select Open or Closed.1



File Uploader

Upload multiple attachments.

Assignee's Response



Displays a status of Considered Resolved or Pending.

Spec Section


Drop-down list (single-select)

Select from a list of specifications that have been added to the project's Specifications tool




Place a mark in the tickbox to indicate an affirmative state.
Remove the mark from the tickbox to indicate a negative state. 

Description customtools_description.png Text Enter an unlimited number alphanumeric characters and apply basic character and paragraph formatting.

1 If the custom tool does NOT have a custom workflow, you can add additional statuses using the tool's Configure Settings page. Tools with custom workflows can only have the Open or Closed status.

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Custom Tool Permissions

The following table shows you which user permission levels can perform tasks using a custom tool. 

  •  If an item is marked as 'Private,' only the item's Creator, the 'Assigned To' person and users granted  'Admin' permission can view it. 

Note: Granular permissions are now available for custom tools. 

Task None Read Only Standard Admin
Create an item green-checkmark.png green-checkmark.png
Edit an item green-checkmark.png
View an item green-checkmark.png green-checkmark.png green-checkmark.png
Delete an item green-checkmark.png

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