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What can Procore's Quality & Safety Consultation Package include?

Are you interested in learning more? Procore Consulting Services is an add-on service. To learn more about the pricing option for this service or to request a time estimate for a potential engagement, please reach out to your Procore point of contact.




Tackle your next strategic challenge and keep your team on track by engaging with Procore's Strategic Consulting Services. The Strategic Product Consulting Team is comprised of Procore Industry experts who specialise in implementation best practices, product strategy assessments and training management. 


Procore's Quality & Safety Consultation package is an add-on service focusing on Procore's Quality & Safety tools. This package helps you refine your existing Quality & Safety programmes or build new programmes from the ground up. Procore's Quality & Safety Strategic Product Consultants (SPCs) will help you dial in your reports, simplify data input and help to elevate the information that matters to you.

The table below shares just a few examples of how Procore customers can begin an engagement with Procore's Quality & Safety Strategic Product Consultants (SPCs):

Inspection Template Opportunities Potential benefits of your engagement…
  • My team currently uses Checklists, but have no time to get them into Procore.
  • No problem! If you can provide us with your current templates we can assist you in uploading them into Procore so your team can get to work.
  • We have no Checklists and need help getting started!
  • Depending on your needs, we have a number of default templates that we can leverage to give you a starting point.
Observations Opportunities Potential benefits of your engagement…
  • What are Observations and how are other customers using them?
  • We can help here!  SPCs work with clients everyday on how to best leverage tools like Observations.  We have many different use cases and ideas to help you get started with Observations.
  • We have access to Observations, but we're struggling to get adoption of the tool.
  • There are settings that can be enabled that help to simplify the experience and increase usage. SPCs can suggest options that may work for you.
  • We have created Observations but aren’t sure how to build our reports.
  • SPCs can help identify your KPIs and create reports to illustrate your performance related to these goals.
Forms Opportunities  Potential benefits of your engagement…
  • What are some good examples of Form Templates?
  • We see many different examples of Forms used with success and can share different ideas that can help.
  • How can I ensure that our forms are being completed?
  • There are reports that can be created to track compliance. Procore SPCs can build these for you!
Incidents Opportunities Potential benefits of your engagement…
  • How can I notify specific team members of Incidents?
  • Incidents have very specific notifications that can be enabled based on severity, let us help you get these dialed in just right.
  • I want to get the Incidents tool as close to our standard document as possible - can you help?
  • We can help! There are a number of recent configurable updates that allow flexibility for the Incidents tool to capture info that’s important to you.
  • I’ve been tracking Incidents but how do I build the reports I need?
  • With a brief consult we can identify what reports fit your needs best and build those on your behalf.
Snag List Opportunities Potential benefits of your engagement…
  • How do QR codes work with Snag List?
  • We can take a look at your Locations and make sure you’re setup for success to leverage this functionality.
  • We’re trying to roll out out Snag List in Procore, but our site teams are having trouble adopting.
  • Change is hard, we get it.  With that said, we do think that there are some highly valuable settings that you can implement early on to increase adoption and ease-of-use for your team.
  • We have Snag data but our struggling with getting the reports to show what we need.
  • With some additional info, we should be able to get you some great reports that highlight the info you care about.
Quality & Safety Opportunities  Potential benefits of your engagement…
  • How can I leverage Procore to support ISO compliance?
  • To be certified to the ISO 9001 standard, a company must follow the requirements outlined in the ISO 9001 standard. Let Procore's team help your team demonstrate excellent ability to meet ISO requirements consistently. 
  • How can I use data insights and custom reports from Procore to track safety trends on our job sites?
  • Reduce safety insurance costs by implementing a system of tracking and trending leading indicators, resulting in fewer incidents and a lower EMR.