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Below are the notable changes to the Company level Admin tool in 2017.

Updated The Cost Types Configuration Page (1/12/2017)

Updated the Cost Types Configuration page to replace the label for 'Line Item Type' with 'Cost Type'. 

In Budgeting Configuration Settings, Renamed 'Category' To 'Cost Type' (4/10/2017) 

In setting up a new budget view in the Budgeting Configuration settings, the name 'Category' changed to now be labelled as 'Cost Type'.

Added New Costs Types Configuration Feature (9/8/2017)

Added a Commitment Settings section to the Company Admin tool Cost Type Configuration page. Under this section is the new feature: "Lock Bill of Quantities and Contract Company when commitment contract is approved or completed". If a Company Admin enables this feature, all approved Commitment contracts will disallow users from editing the Bill of Quantities subtab. This feature will also disable the Company Contract field.

Renamed 'Contract Configuration' To 'Cost Types' In Company Admin Tool (28/6/2017)

Updated the Company level Admin tool to change the name of the link in the right sidebar from "Contract Configuration" to "Cost Types Configuration."

Restricted Logo Uploads For Procore (12/6/2017)

Restricted logo uploads to Procore so that now, the file uploader only permits users to select PNG, GIF and JPEG files for a company, project or office.

Removed 'Custom' From Labels On Project Settings Page (30/5/2017)

Updated the 'Project Settings' page in the Company level Admin tool to remove the word 'Custom' from the titles on the Project Types, Departments and Programs table.

Moved Custom Fields from 'Company Settings' to 'Project Settings' Page (30/5/2017)

Updated the Company level Admin tool to move the following fields from the 'Company Settings' page to the 'Project Settings' page: Project Types, Departments, Programs and Stages. See Configure Your Company's Default Project Settings.

Added an Office Logo Preview to the Company level Admin Tool (24/5/2017)

Updated the Company level Admin tool to add a new preview feature for the office logo. The logo appears to the right of the 'Edit' button in the 'Office Settings' area of the 'Company Settings' page. When a user clicks 'Edit', they can also see a preview in the 'Office Logo' area of the 'Office for <Company Name>' window. See Upload an Office Logo

Removed the 'Has Logo' Column from the 'Office Settings' Are in the Company level Admin Tool (24/5/2015)

Updated the Company level Admin tool to remove the "Has Logo" column from the 'Office Settings' area. This inadvertently led users to assume they could remove the office logo by clicking the red 'X' on the office line item in the 'Office Settings' table, which removed the office location. Instead, users must click Edit and then remove the logo by clicking the RED 'x' in the 'Office for <Company Name>' popup window. See Remove an Office Logo

Added the Ability to Upload Office Logos (19/5/2017)

Users can now upload office logos. If a project is associated with a specific office and that office has a logo, the logo will now be reflected in project emails. If there is no office logo, email messages for that project will use the default project logo. See Upload an Office Logo.

Added Ability To Rename Or Add Divisions (11/5/2017)

Many clients wanted to be able to name or rename their division since this is the name that is displayed on the PDFs across the projects when a certain office is associated to a project. We made this ability customer facing, so if the user has access to the Admin tool at the Company level, they will be able to rename or add a division name now.

Add Custom Owner Types (4/5/2017)

You can now create a list of custom owner types for use with projects. To learn more, see Add a Custom Owner Type.

Updated Deletion of Trades in Company Admin Tool (3/5/2017)

Updated the Trades list on the Trade Configuration page in the Company level Admin tool (under Administrative Settings). A RED 'x' delete icon now appears next to all trades in the list. When a user attempts to delete a trade, the system now validates the action, to determine if the trade is associated with active vendors, observations, snag items, snag templates (company & project), inspections, inspection templates or daily construction report logs. If the validation finds that there are active associations, the delete action is not permitted. If there are no active associations, the system deletes the trade. See Add or Delete Trades.

Create Meeting Templates for Use with the Meetings Tool (2/5/2017) 

Procore Administrators can now create reusable meeting templates in the company's Admin tool (see Create a Meeting Template). This provides meeting administrators with the ability to create new meetings based on those templates in the project's Meetings tool. See Create a Meeting from a Template.

Added a New Region Settings Area in the Project Settings Page (14/4/2017)

Updated the company's Admin tool to give end users a way to associate their company's Procore projects with a geographic region. For details, see Add a Custom Project Region.

Updated Deletion Warning For Budget Templates (11/4/2017)

Updated the deletion warning for budget templates that appears when using the Budget Configuration page in the company's Admin tool. This warning message informs users that any Snapshots associated with the template will also be deleted.

New 'Procore ERP Budget' View in Budgeting Configuration for ERP Integrations (7/4/2017)

For users that have enabled the ERP Integrations tool, updated the Budgeting Configuration page in the company's Admin tool. Users can now select a new 'Procore ERP Budget' Standard View when setting up a new budget view for the project's Budget tool. See Set Up a New Budget View

Now Hiding Tool Content When Corresponding Tools Are Turned Off (5/3/2017)

Updated the Company Admin tool to hide observation types and snag item template configurations when those tools are disabled. Also updated the Project Overview Report to hide the reports for Snag List, RFIs and Programme when those tools are turned off as well.

New 'Trigger Re-Acceptance Of Terms & Conditions For All Users' Checkbox (3/3/2017)

Added a new 'Trigger re-acceptance of Terms & Conditions for all users' checkbox in the Company level Admin tool's 'Company Settings' page. See Configure Your Company Settings.

Users with 'Admin' Level Permissions Can Configure SSO Settings (17/2/2017)

Updated the 'Company Settings' page in the Company level Admin tool so that now users with 'Admin' level permission to the Company Admin tool can update the Single Sign On Issuer URL, Single Sign On Target URL, and the Single Sign On x509 Certificate fields. See Set Your Company Settings.

Updated 'Budgeting Configuration' To Prevent Deletion Of Referenced Column (1/2/2017)

Updated the Company level Admin tool's 'Budgeting Configuration' page so that the 'Configure Columns' modal now prevents the inadvertent deletion of columns referenced by 'Forecast to Complete'.

Fixed 'Counts' Column On Budgeting Configuration Page (12/1/2017)

Updated the 'Budgeting Configuration' page in the Company Admin tool (under Administrative Settings > Budgeting Configuration) to fix a display issue with the 'Counts' column. The column now shows the correct number of projects to which the Budget View Line Item has been applied. 

Added 'Created By' Column To Budgeting Configuration Page In Company Admin Tool (8/1/2016)

Added a new 'Created By' column in the 'Budget Views' area on the Budgeting Configuration index page (this is in the Company Level Admin tool under 'Administrative Settings'). Now, users are able to view a record of who created a Budget View. See Set Up a New Budget View

Observation Types Settings Page Hidden When Observations Tool Is Inactive (6/1/2017)

The system will now hide the 'Observation Types Configuration' link under the 'Administrative Settings' menu of the Company level Admin tool when the Observations tool is not an active tab on any of your company's projects. 

Updated 'Budgeting Configuration' Page Link In Administrative Settings (4/1/2017)

Updated the link for the 'Budgeting Configuration' page, which previously appeared in the 'Administrative Settings' menu of the Company level Admin tool, even when all of Procore's Financial tools were turned OFF. Now, the link and page will only be visible when at least one (1) or more of the Financial tools (i.e., Budget, Commitments, Variations and Main Contracts) are turned ON.