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Below are the notable changes to the Company level Admin tool in 2018.

New Tax Code Settings Page for Company Admins (7/12/2018)

Updated the Company level Admin tool to add a new Tax Code Settings page under Tool Settings in the Company level Admin tool. This new setting gives your company the ability to use the new tax code feature. To learn more about it, see How can I use tax codes on a project? and Configure Tax Code Settings.

Expense Allocation Improvements (30/11/2018) 

Updated the Expense Allocations page in the Company level Admin tool. The Expense Allocated report now has newly added language to reflect when a project goes beyond the Procore's contract period. Also updated the user interface to change the field label from Estimated Original Contract Value to Estimated Contract Value. See Create a New Expense Allocation.

New Account & Admin Settings Menu Option (19/11/2018)

For users with 'Admin' level permission on the Company level Admin tool, you will now find an Account & Admin Settings option in the menu that appears when you click your initials in the top-right corner of the navigation area in the Procore web application. See View Account Information.

Added Custom Signature Text Field in the Time Tracking Settings (8/11/2018) 

Procore Administrators can now use the Admin tool to create custom text that displays in the Signature field that end users sign on a time entry in the Timesheets tool. 

Added Work Week Configuration to Time Tracking Settings (31/10/2018) 

Added Work Week configuration to the Time Tracking settings in the Company Admin page.

Added "Time Tracking" to the Tool Settings Section in Company Admin Tool (5/10/2018) 

Added a "Time Tracking" section under Tool Settings in the Company Admin tool. Time Tracking consolidates all of the Timesheets configurations to one page.

Added 'Non-Budgeted Source View' to 'Budget' page Under Tools Settings  (5/9/2018)

Updated the Company level Admin tool to updated the Budget page under Tool Settings with a new budget view. Now, when an end user clicks the Set Up a New Budget View button, the list of Standard Views includes a new 'Non-Budgeted Source View'. This provides Procore users with a template that reveals where all of a project's Unbudgeted Line Items (UBLIs) are coming from. See Set Up a New Budget View.

Removed 'Basis Point' Section from PDF Export for Expense Allocations (31/8/2018)

Updated the Company level Admin tool to make a change to the Expense Allocations feature under Administrative Settings, which removed the 'Basis Point' section from the PDF file that can be exported.

New Single Sign On Configuration Link Under Administrative Settings (29/8/2018)

Updated the sidebar in the Company level Admin tool. Under Administrative Settings, the new Single Sign On Configuration link lets Procore Administrators configure their company account's SSO settings. See Configure Single Sign On.

Updated the Sidebar in the Company Level Admin Tool  (8/8/2018)

Updated links in the sidebar on the right side of the tool have been renamed. Links are now organised into three (3) groups: Administrative SettingsProject Settings, and Tool Settings. See Admin: Updated the Sidebar in the Company Admin Tool

Mark Observation Types as Active or Inactive (3/8/2018)

Added the ability to mark Observation Types as active or inactive in the  Company level Admin tool. 

Removed the Trade Column from the User Import Template (29/5/2018)

Updated the Company and Project level Directory tool to remove the 'Trade' column from the User Import Template. See Update the User Import Template.

New 'Manage General' Granular Permission for the Admin Tool (25/5/2018) 

Procore has updated updated the permissions template feature (see Manage Permission Templates) in Procore so Procore Administrators can now grant user with 'Read-Only' or 'Standard' level permission on the Project level Admin the privilege to add, edit and remove project details in the general settings for the Project level Admin tool. See Grant Granular Permissions in a Permission Template and Add or Edit General Project Information.

New Granular Permissions for the Main Contract Tool (25/5/2018) 

Added three (3) new granular permissions for the Main Contract tool: 'Create Main Contract', 'Edit Main Contract' and 'Delete Main Contract'. The granular permissions can only be set for users with 'Standard' or 'Read Only' level permission to the Project Main Contract tool. See Grant Granular Permissions in a Permission TemplateCreate a Main Contract, and Edit a Main Contract.

Added a 'Trades' Filter to the Add Filter Drop-Down List (22/5/2018) 

Added a 'Trades' filter to the 'Add Filter' drop-down list at the top of the Users view in both Project level and Company level Directory tools. See Search and Filter the Company Directory and Search and Filter the Project Directory.

Added Progress Indicator for Budget Configuration in Admin Tool (23/4/2018)

Updated the Company level Admin tool's Budgeting Configuration page to add progress spinners on the Create button and page that appears. This better communicates to end users that the data on the page is loading.

Updated 'Root Cause Analysis' And 'Observation Types Configuration' Pages (12/3/2018)

Updated the Company level Admin tool to add progress indicators (i.e., table loading spinners) on the 'Root Cause Analysis' page. Also updated the 'Observation Types Configuration' page to match observation types and added a tooltip that displays if an observation type is in use on a project and added a BLUE caret to show that users can edit observation types inline.

Added New Enable DocuSign Checkbox (11/1/2018)

Added "Enable DocuSign" checkbox to the company level Admin tool on the Project Settings page under 'Default Project Settings'. This gives Procore Administrators the ability to enable the DocuSign integration on all projects within the company by default. The setting affects new and existing projects. See Configure Your Company's Default Project Settings.

Added a New Prevent Overbilling on All Projects Checkbox to Company Level Admin Tool (4/1/2018)

Added a new checkbox named 'Prevent Overbilling on All Projects' to the Project Settings page of the Company Level Admin tool. If you place a mark in this checkbox, the over billing settings in the Project level Admin tool's Advanced Settings and the Project level Commitment tool's settings pages cannot be modified, the checkboxes will be disabled and payment applications cannot be over billed.