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Company Reports - Release Notes

Below are the notable changes to the Company level Reports tool.

Recent Changes

Enhanced Reporting for Workforce Management (10/04/2023)

Procore has released various enhancements to the Company level and Project level Reports tools for reporting on Workforce Management tools. You can now report on your workforce, production and Daywork data alongside your financial information in enhanced reporting to gain insights such as labour utilization and date range production.

Enhanced Reporting allows users to create reports with data from multiple and related Procore tools on both active and inactive projects with a modern, intuitive interface.

Users with Company Admin permission can edit and delete any report to which they have been granted access or have the URL (13/03/2023)

This update will give Company Admins more control over their accounts by allowing them to edit or delete any report which has been shared with them or to which they have the report's URL. This means they will have the ability to stop and delete if needed, any recurring reports created by other users, even if those users have been removed from the account.