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Release Notes

Below are the notable changes to the company's Reports tool.

Recent Changes

'Time & Materials' Group Now 'T&M Tickets' in Select Tool Menu (1/9/2020)

Changed the name of the 'Time & Materials' group in the Select Tool menu. The group is now named 'T&M Tickets' and contains the same options: Materials, Tickets, Timecards, and Equipment. See Create a Custom Company Report.

New Column Available in the Change Events Line Item Detail Report (7/8/2020)

A new 'PV Line Item Base Amount' column is available in the Change Events Line Item Detail report. This column displays the total amount of Potential Variation (PV) line items without financial markup applied. If you want to include a total with financial markup, the 'PV Line Item Amount' column continues to be available. 

New Time & Materials Grouping in Select Tool Menu (16/7/2020)

Updated the Company and Project level Reports tools to add a new Time & Materials grouping in the Select Tool menu which now includes: Materials, Tickets, Timecards, and Equipment. See Create a Custom Company Report.

New Reporting Options on Requested Changes in Programme Tool (17/4/2020)

'Requested Changes' has been added as an option when creating a custom report on Programme Tasks in the Company level Reports tool. This allows users with the appropriate permissions to create custom reports on requested programme changes in the project's Programme tool. See Create a Custom Company Report.

Test Projects & Project Templates Excluded from Company Reports & Dashboards (27/2/2020)

Test projects and project templates will now be excluded from Company Reports and Dashboards. This provides a clearer view of your company's actual projects without needing to manually exclude test projects and templates by name.

All Changes