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View and Download Existing Extracts


The Extracts feature in the Project level Admin tool has been replaced by the Procore Extracts application. However, any extracts that were previously performed on the Procore web application are still accessible from the Project level Admin tool's Extracts page. 

Please refer to the following articles for performing new extracts:


To view, download or remove extracts that were previously completed using the Extracts feature in a project's Admin tool.


Procore's Extract feature is useful when your company wants to archive a project's information after closing out a project. When you extract data from Procore, the system exports the data to a series of files and then packages those files into a single ZIP file. After the extraction process is complete, you can then click a Download link to download the ZIP file to your computer or another location on your company's network. Extracts are now performed in the Procore Extracts application, however, previous extracts from Procore Web are still stored in the respective project's Admin tool. 

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • 'Admin' level permissions on the Project level Admin tool.
    • The 'Can Run Extracts' privilege enabled by Procore.
      Note: To submit a request to enable this privilege, contact your company's Procore Administrator. Your Procore Administrator must submit a request to your Procore point of contact.
  • Additional Information:


  1. Navigate to the Project level Admin tool.
  2. Click the Extracts page.
    Note: The Extracts page is only visible to users with the 'Can Run Extracts' privilege enabled.
  3. The following actions are available:
    1. View Existing Extracts
    2. Download an Existing Extract
    3. Delete an Extract

View Existing Extracts

  1. Any extracts that were completed using the Extracts feature in the Admin tool appear under 'Existing Extracts'.
  2. View the following information for the extracts that have been completed for the project:
    • Initiated By: This column lists the name of the user who initiated the extract.
    • Item Type: This column lists the tool that data was extracted from. 
    • Extract Date: This column lists the date and time that the extract was initiated. 
    • Download Link: This column includes a download link to download the extracted project data to your computer.
    • Error Messages: This column is blank unless there were any error messages associated with an extract.

Download an Existing Extract

  1. Locate the extract you want to download.
  2. Click the Download link for the extract.
  3. The extract begins downloading to your computer as a ZIP file. 

Delete an Extract

  1. Locate the extract you want to delete.
  2. Click the Delete  icon next to the extract you want to remove.
    Deleting an extract permanently removes it from Procore.

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