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  • Added Area Column To Drawing Log In PDF Exports (17/12/2015). Added an Area column to the 'Drawings Included in {Tender Package Name}' section of PDF export files from the Tendering tool. This change only affects new PDFs when the Drawings by Area configuration setting is enabled in the Drawings tool (see Drawings). The updated styling will not be applied retroactively to existing PDFs.


  • New Banner Clarifying Update Process for Tender Documents and Drawings (23/11/2015). A new banner describes how to update tender documents/drawings (see Update Tender Documents) when updating docs/drawings:
    Banner is seen after the following actions:
    New document revision added within tendering folder
    New documents added to tender folders
    Drawing revisions added to attached set
    Banner will not be seen after the following actions:
    Drawings deleted from attached set
    Documents deleted from attached folder
    Deleting all associated documents from folder (4) Deleting all associated drawings When user clicks "Update" in the banner, Procore adds a new timestamp on the tender package and creates a new snapshot of the tender documents.
  • Added Ability to Attach the Current Set of Drawings to a Tender Package (19/11/2015). Added the ability to attach a snapsot of the Current Set of drawings at the time its attached. 
  • Added Trade Column to Tender Packages when Tender are Outstanding (12/11/2015). Added trade column to tender packages when tender are outstanding. 


  • Added Trade Column To Tender List (19/10/2015). A "Trade" column has been added to the Tender List view, which is included in the CSV view. 


  • Added Ability To Filter Drawings By Discipline In Tender Package (1/9/2015). This branch allows users to select disciplines to attach to a tender package. See Create a Tender Package.


  • Added Tender Invitation/Re-Invite Pagination (12/6/2015). When users send and resend tender invitations, the invite page will now display only 50 invites at one time.


  • Added Distribution List On Tender Packages  (02/2015)
    Added the "distribution list" functionality to the tender package list. Users on the distribution list, as well as the creator, will receive the "Tender Submitted" emails. To learn more, see Create a Tender Package.
  • Redesigned Tender Invitation Email  (02/2015)
    Redesigned the Tender Invitation and Tender Reminder emails to include more useful tender information. Added improvements to the UI as well. For more information, see Submitting a Tender.
  • Added Link To Streaming Tender Doc On Reminder-To-Tender Emails (02/2015)
    Streaming links for the tender documents (both drawing sets and supplementary tender docs) will now be displayed for tender reminder emails.


  • Added Tendering Search: Copy Tender List From (02/2015)
    Users can populate their tenderer search results with tender list items from another tender package or project using the "copy tender list from" drop-down menu.