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Below are the notable changes to the project's Tendering tool in 2021.


Redesign for PDF Exports of Tender Packages (06/10/2021)

Procore has updated the design of PDF exports for tender packages from the project's Tendering tool. See Export a Tender Package.

Export A Tender Sheet as a CSV File (16/08/2021)

Procore has updated the Export feature on the Project level Tendering tool to allow users to export a tender sheet as a CSV file, a spreadsheet format, Export a Tender Sheet.

Redesigned Tender Sheet in Procore's Tendering Tool (04/08/2021)

Procore has updated the Tender Sheet at the Project level of the Tendering tool with a redesigned layout. The new layout has been redesigned to highlight the most important tender information for users, see New Redesigned Tender Sheet in Procore's Tendering Tool.