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This page lists the notable changes for the Project level Budget tool in 2016.

Updated Default Statuses For 'Committed Cost' Column In Budget Tool (19/12/2016)

Updated the Company level Budget tool to change the 'Committed Cost' source column configuration so that the 'Approved' and 'Complete' status checkboxes are both selected by default (for newly created Procore Standard Budget Views in Configurable Budget and Forecasting (CBF)). Existing templates are not impacted by this update. 

Updated Budget Tool Training Videos (8/8/2016)

Updated the Budget tool to update the training videos. These videos reflect updates that have been made to the tool. They cover how to view and create a budget, how to modify a budget and how to forecast a budget.

Added New Column And Sorting To Job Cost Summary Report (13/6/2016)

Updated the Budget tool to add sorting and a 'Total Budgeted Amount' column to the Company-level Job Cost Summary report.

Added New Columns To Budget Tool (19/4/2016)

Updated the Budget Tool so users will now see two new columns on their budget snapshots: Snapshot Variance of Estimated Cost At Completion and Snapshot Variance of Projected Over/Under. These columns will display the variance between the values between the previous snapshot and the current snapshot.

Added Columns To Budget Tool For Sage-Integrated Projects (31/3/2016)

Added a Job to Date Costs column & a Direct Costs column on the Budget for Sage 300 CRE integrated projects. These columns are read-only and imported from Sage. The Direct Costs column is an equation of Job to Date Costs - Commitment Payment Applications, which is currently a calculation being done in the Committed Cost Field. The Committed Cost Field will function the same for Sage and non-Sage integrations after this change, as we will pull this calculation into a stand alone Direct Costs column.

Delete Budget Line Items For Sage-Integrated Projects (17/3/2016)

Removed the restriction on deleting Budget line items for Sage-integrated projects.

Financial Markup 2.0 (25/2/2016)
  1. Added the ability to map Main Contract markup on Variations to the Budget. Previously, only Superusers could do this, but now users with 'Admin' permission can map Main Contract markups to their Budgetws.
  2. Added the ability to have Main Contract Markup on Sage-Integrated projects.
  3. Added a new creating and editing experience for Financial Markup with new create and edit forms, category multi-select and the ability to map markups to sub job budgeted cost codes.
Alternate Cost Codes Now Visible In Budgets Tool (11/2/2016)

If a user with 'Admin' permissions to the Company level Admin tool (see Admin), enters a value in the 'Alternate Name for Cost Codes' field of the Company Settings page, that value is now visible in the Project level Budget tool in both the budget views and budget table headers.