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Below are notable changes to the Project level Variations tool in 2018.

Added Delete Confirmation for Markup (11/12/2018) 

When deleting markup, a popup message now appears asking the user to confirm deletion of the markup. 

Removed Contractless Variations Feature (15/8/2018) 

The Project Variations tool had a configuration for allowing variations without a contract. This is no longer available.

Added Contract Dates to PDFs (9/8/2018) 

Updated the Project level Variations tool to provide users with the ability to add Contract Dates to Subcontract and Purchase Variation PDFs.

'Void' Moved to Status Drop Down List (30/4/2018) 

Updated the Variations, Commitments and Main Contract tool to remove the 'Void' tickbox from the Variation PV and Commitments PV forms. There is now a 'Void' selection in the 'Status' drop-down list for variations so the tickbox is no longer be needed. See Create a Main Contract Variation and Create a Commitment Variation CV.

Attach Non-PDF File Types to DocuSign Envelope (10/4/2018)

Added support so users now have the ability to attach non-PDF file types to the DocuSign Envelope when sending a Commitment, Main Contract, Variation, Payment Application or Payment Application to DocuSign for signature.

Added a New 'Signed Variation Received Date' Field To The Variations Tool (12/3/2018) 

Updated the Project level Variations tool to add a new 'Signed Variation Received Date' field for users with the Procore + DocuSign integration. This field is populated by the date the DocuSign envelope is completed  (i.e., Commitment Variations, Main Contract Variations & Main Potential Variations).

Now Setting Value in Executed Field to 'No' When User Clicks Withdraw (8/2/2018)

Implemented a change that affects the Main Contract, Commitments and Variations tools so that if a user clicks 'Withdraw' on the DocuSign banner in Procore and then confirms to withdraw the Docusign envelope, the value in the 'Executed' field is set back to 'No'.

Added 'Edit' Button To Procore + DocuSign Integration Banners (19/1/2018) 

Added a new 'Edit' Button on the Signature Pending and Signature Completed banners that display for end users who are using the Procore + DocuSign Integration (see DocuSign). When a user clicks this button, the system reveals the Edit page of the DocuSign envelope. Banners have been updated in the Commitments, Variations,  and Documents tools. See What do the different DocuSign banners in Procore mean?

Added New 'Sign with DocuSign' Checkbox To Approved Variations (18/1/2018) 

Added a new 'Sign with DocuSign' tickbox to 'Approved' Variations, Main Contract Variations (MCVs) and Main Potential Variations (MPVs). Placing a tick in this box enables the 'Complete with DocuSign' button.