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Below are the notable changes to the project's Co-ordination Issues tool in 2020.

Create New Co-ordination Issues from Drawing Markups (10/11/2020)

As an expansion to the previous release that allowed existing co-ordination issues to be linked to all drawing markup types, you can now create new co-ordination issues on drawing markups. See Create or Link Co-ordination Issues on a Drawing. The co-ordination issue creation experience has been moved to a right side panel, preserving a complete view of the underlying drawing. After creating a new co-ordination issue on a drawing markup, publish the markup to ensure collaborators can view the associated co-ordination issue on the drawing. The co-ordination issue will include a snapshot of the marked-up drawing area and a hyperlink to the drawing will automatically be added to the co-ordination issue for easy reference. 

Link Existing Co-ordination Issues on Drawings Using Other Markup Types (14/09/2020)

You can now link existing co-ordination issues from the Co-ordination Issues tool to other markup types on a drawing in the Drawings tool, as opposed to only being able to add pins on a drawing to link to co-ordination issues. See Create or Link Co-ordination Issues on a Drawing.

Being able to choose from more commonly used markup types (such as clouds, arrows and boxes) for linking existing co-ordination issues helps ensure the nature of an issue is clear and leads to a more seamless design review process in Procore. See Link Items on a Drawing

View Coordination Issues on Model Web Viewer (13/07/2020)

Procore has released an integration between the Co-ordination Issues tool and the Models tool that allows users to view any Co-ordination Issue created in the mobile viewer or the Navisworks® plugin directly in the Procore web viewer. From the Co-ordination Issues tool on the web, users will also be able to navigate to the location of the issue from viewing the model in the Models tool. See View a Co-ordination Issue.

Activity Feed on List View Side Panel (05/06/2020)

As an improvement to the list view side panel introduced in April, the list view now includes the Activity Feed so users can quickly review all issue history, @comment collaborators and more without opening a new browser tab. See View a Co-ordination Issue.

List View Improvements for Coordination Issues (02/04/2020)

Users reviewing co-ordination issues in the Co-ordination Issues tool on the Procore web application can now click anywhere in an issue's row to open a side panel that displays additional details of the issue without navigating away from the Co-ordination Issues dashboard. See View a Co-ordination Issue.

New Procore Plugin Filter Options (13/03/2020)

The Procore plugin now allows users to filter issues marked as "Closed" and "Moved to Observations." This release also includes the restructuring of the viewpoints folders to include folders by status when users save an NWD through the Procore plugin.

Move Coordination Issues to Observations (17/01/2020) 

Procore has added a new feature that allows issues to be moved to observations in the Observations tool. When moving a co-ordination issue to an observation, users will be able to create a new observation that automatically populates information from the co-ordination issue. See Move a Co-ordination Issue to an Observation.