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How-to Training Videos
On this page, you'll find quick, how-to training videos.



Looking for more in-depth training?
The most efficient way to learn how to use each of the Core tools is by completing the self-paced Procore Certification: Project Manager (Core Tools) course. It includes training videos, best practices, interactive workflow diagrams, recent changes, as well as quizzes to test your knowledge. Plus, you’ll earn a Procore Certification certificate upon successful course completion that you can add to your LinkedIn profile.


Configure Document Settings


Manage Documents


View Documents


View as: Site Worker (Ch.2)

Procore Drive


View as: Speciality Contractor as Client | Owner

File and Folder Structure


Organise Files and Folders


Manage Documents Information and Settings


View as: Speciality Contractor as Client

Manage File Versions


Manage Permissions


Upload Documents


View as: Site Worker (Ch.1)

Site Manager - Documents


Subcontractor - View Documents


Speciality Contractor as Client - Manage Documents


Speciality Contractor as Client - Procore Drive


Owner - Procore Drive


Site Worker - Upload and View Documents (Mobile)