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Below are the notable changes to the project's Home page in 2018.

Disabled Project Home Digest Email For Inactive Projects (19/12/2018) 

Disabled the Project Home digest email for inactive projects. 

Improved Weather Icons (6/3/2018)

Improved the weather icons that display across all Procore platforms so that they are now consistent. The weather icons show in the Project Home and in Weather Forecasting. 

Now Showing More Payment application Info in My Open Items (22/2/2018)

Updated the Company level Portfolio tool and the Project level Home page so that the 'My Open Items' area now displays both the Requisition Number and Billing Period information in the 'Details' field. This information comes from the Project level Commitments tool. Prior to this update, the My Open Items table only displayed the Requisition Number. See Commitments: Now Showing More Requisition Info in My Open Items.

Project Links in General Release (16/1/2018) 

The new Project Links feature in the Project level Home page is now in general release. This lets you share tools and information from external resources with your team from within in the Procore web application. See Project Home: Project Links