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  • Introduced New Full Page 3 Step Wizard for Creating a CV from a PV (23/11/15). Introduced a new full-page, 3-step wizard for creating CPV/CV from a Main PV/MCV BOQ, Change Event or Change Event RFQ. In addition to providing a better user experience, this resolves an issue where attempting to push CVs, created via Change Events, to Sage resulted in an error. See Create a CV from a PV

  • Added Workflow and Approval Process To Pay Apps (11/5/15). Users now have a workflow and approval process for Payment Applications. 


  • Improved Funding Source Table (7/22/15). Improved user experience when adding and editing the name and description field in the Funding Sources Contract Configure page. There is now an individual field to add name and description and entries can be reordered after entry.
  • Improved Payment App Formatting (7/21/15). When multiple PV line items are added to a G703, there will now be a "-" between the MCV title and the PV line description.


  • Added Change Reason Filter (27/5/2015). Added a Change Reason filter under the Main Contract Variations subtab. 

  • Added Variation Reason Column in PV Table (20/5/2015). Added variation "Change Reason" column to the Potential Variation table for contracts on the Main Contract Variations page. 

  • Updated Column Names on Potential Variation Bill of Quantities (13/5/2015). Updated the bill of quantities variation side columns from "Value" and "To be Committed" to "Commitment Amount" and "Variance".


  • Added Ability to Manually Re-order BOQ Line Items (24/4/2015). In BOQ edit page for Main Contract, Commitments and Variations, Admin users can now manually re-order the BOQ line items by dragging them.

  • Added Cost Codes to Pay Apps. Added cost codes to Pay Apps in CSV exports.


  • Added a Cost Code Column to G703 for Pay Apps and Draw Requests. Added a cost code column to G703 for Pay Apps and Draw Requests.


  • Updated Training Videos. Updated link to show new "Main Contract" training video.