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This page lists notable changes for the Project level Programme tool in 2016. 

Added Milestone Filter To Programmes Tool (25/10/2016)

Updated the Project and Company-level Programme tool to add a new 'Milestone' filter to the All, Day, Week and Month Views.

Now Turn Resource Names OFF In Programme Tool (23/6/2016)

Updated the Programme tool to create a configuration option in the Configure Programme Settings page which will allow users to turn OFF the display of resource names in tasks on the Week and Month calendar views.

Updated Programme Tool Integrations (10/6/2016) 

Updated the Programme tool so that the Related Items associated with a Programme Task will now persist when a programme is updated and imported through Procore Web. Related Items for a Programme Task will be removed from a programme when the task is deleted and the programme is updated and imported through Procore Web.

Populated Start/Finish Variance For Imported MS Project Programmes (8/6/2016)

Updated Procore to ensure that the start and finish variance for a programme are read when a Microsoft Project file (MPP) is imported to the Programme tool via Procore Drive.

Users Can Now Upload Primavera P6 (XER) Programmes In Procore Web (20/5/2016)

Updated the project's Programme tool to simplify the programme upload process. Users with the appropriate permissions to the Programme tool can now upload files in these formats: Microsoft Project (MPP), Microsoft Project Exchange and SureTrack (MPX). Asta EasyPlan and Powerproject (PP) and Primavera Proprietary Exchange (XER). For details, see Upload a Project Programme and Configure Advanced Settings: Project Programme

Enhanced UI For Programme Tool (15/4/2016)

Updated the Programme tool to replace the existing 'MS Project 2010/13/16, Asta, Easyplan' drop-down list selection with a new selection that reads 'Microsoft Project, Asta PowerProject, Asta EasyPlan.' Also updated the labels on Configure Programme Settings page as follows:

  • From "File Type" to "Programme Data From"
  • From "MPP or MPX" to "Programme File"
  • From "MPP file" to "Programme File."

Also updated heading on the Procore Drive box to read "Programme Integration." In addition, updated the text in the the Procore Drive box to read "Procore Drive can be used for programme integration".

Users Can Now Integrate Asta Powerproject Programmes With Procore (24/2/2016) 

Users can now integrate Asta Powerproject programmes with Procore.  Procore updated the name of the selection option in the Upload Project Programme Files drop-down list to give users the ability to upload Asta and Easyplan files. The selection option now reads: "MS Project 13/2010/16, Asta, Easyplan." See Integrate an Asta Powerproject Programme