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This page lists notable changes for the Project level Transmittals tool in 2016. 

Fixed File Attachment Issue In Transmittals Tool (21/10/2016)

Updated the Transmittals tool to fix an issue with the Attach Files area where a user could select multiple items to attach, but only one (1) file would actually attach. When attaching files to a Transmittal, you must attach files one at a time. 

Removed Edit Button Next To Companies For Standard Level Users (8/7/2016)

Transmittals were not auto-generating the correct next available number if a combination of letters and numbers were used. We have corrected this issue to more accurately suggest the next available transmittal number.

Added In-Application Error Message In Transmittals Tool (20/6/2016)

Updated the Transmittals tool to add an in-application error message for a 500 error that was occurring when a user added a value in the "# Copies" field and then clicked Create. In this update, the tool now performs a validation to check to determine if there is a non-numeric value in the "# Copies" field and then shows an error message before users are allow to proceed with creating a transmittal.

Now Showing Attention Field In Project Level Transmittals Tool (2/2/2016)

Updated the default behaviour of the Attention field in the List view of the Project level Transmittals tool. This field is now shown, rather than hidden, when transmittals have multiple recipients.