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Configure Cost Codes and Cost Types in Procore Estimating


To set cost codes and cost types for adjustments such as profit, discounts, and tax.


Since the Other cost type in Procore Estimating includes all other costs after the Total Price, you can choose to break down cost codes and cost types further for Profit, Overhead, Discount, Tax, and Others (such as Bonding).

Things to Consider


  1. Navigate to your account in Procore Estimating.
  2. Click the Account drop-down menu next to your name.
  3. Click Company Settings.
  4. Click Cost Codes / Types.
    Cost codes and cost types can be configured for the following categories:
    Note: You do not have to use all of these options.
    • Profit
    • Overhead
    • Discount
    • Tax
    • Others
  5. To configure a cost code and type:
    1. Click into the relevant Cost Code field to see a list of available cost codes.
    2. Select the cost code number that you want associated with the cost type. For example, 17-040.
    3. Click into the relevant Cost Type field to see a list of available cost codes.
    4. Select the cost type name that you want associated with the cost code. For example, Profit.
  6. After you have filled out the cost codes and cost types that you want to use for projects, click Save.

'Remove Cost Types' Setting for Projects Integrated with QuickBooks


If your account is integrated with QuickBooks®, you should NOT configure cost codes and types on the Cost Codes / Types page of Company Settings. Since QuickBooks only recognizes the Other cost type, this is the only cost type that can be used. 

Instead, please enable the 'Remove Cost Types' setting described below. This disables the ability to break down the cost types, and all items will be labeled with the Other cost type. This setting is not retroactive, meaning that you will need to create a new estimate with the setting enabled in order to send the estimate to the budget with the Other cost type that is compatible with QuickBooks.

  1. Under Company Settings, click Cost Codes / Types.
  2. Click the toggle ON next to 'Remove Cost Types for Procore Export for QuickBooks Linked Projects'.
  3. Click Save.