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Release Notes for 2017-12-22

Below are notable changes to Procore for the week ending December 22, 2017.

pl-core.png Core


    • Added 'Description' Column To Distribution Groups
      Added a new 'Description' column to the 'Distribution Groups' tab in the new Beta View of the Company and Project Directory.

    • Added Sticky Filters To Views
      When switching between views (e.g., Users, Companies, Distribution Groups and so on), the Add Filter settings are now persistent between sessions in the Beta View of the Company and Project Directory. 

    • Added Sticky Search Capability
      When performing searches in the different views (e.g., Users, Companies, Distribution Groups and so on) in the Beta View of the Company and Project Directory, your search criteria is now persistent between sessions. 

pl-project-management.png Product Management

    • Procore now supports 360° photos
      • Updated the Photos tool's fullscreen viewer in the Procore web application and Procore for Android. Users can now click on a new 360° button to pan through a 360° photo. This option works best when viewing photos taken in panoramic or 360° mode. 
      • Coming soon: Procore for iOS and Procore for Windows support.
      • Learn MoreView Photos
      • (Procore for Android)
        • View 360° photos
        • When you take photos in offline mode, your photos are now added to an upload queue.  
    • New Submittal Workflow Widget For Sequential Approval
      Updated the Submittals Workflow table in the create and edit submittals pages. The overall functionality is the same, but the new table widget is faster. 
      • Why? This new widget is a prerequisite update for a future release of a new submittal workflow, which will support multiple groups of parallel approvers.
      • Learn MoreCreate a Submittal

pl-construction-financials.png Construction Financials


    • Now Pulling Latest Cost Into Main Potential Variation (Prime PV)
      When creating a Main PV in change events using bulk actions, the bill of quantities will populate with the latest cost amount. For instance, if there is ROM and no other cost objects, the Main PV will populate with the ROM Amount. If there is ROM and an RFQ, the Main PV will populate with the RFQ amount. If there is ROM, an RFQ and a Commitment, the Main PV will populate with the Commitment amount.

      • Why? It makes sense that the variation going to the owner should have the latest cost.

    • Added A New Reporting Tool: Change Event Summary
      Added a new reporting tool for Change Events Next Gen called 'Change Event Summary'. This will eventually replace the old Change Events tool.

      • Why? Project Managers were requesting a summary version of the Change Events insights.

    • Workflow Now Available
      Updated the create New Direct Cost page so users can now configure workflow and user roles. You can also now use the Edit Direct Cost page to change your project's workflow, user roles, as well as to assign reminder emails and add members to a distribution list. Statuses cannot be edited.
      • Why? Direct cost payment applications and expenses sometime require an approval workflow. This has been a highly requested feature and follows other workflow paradigms. 

pl-quality-safety.png Quality & Safety

No notable changes this week. 

pl-field-productivity.png Field Productivity

No notable changes this week. 

pl-app-marketplace.png  App Marketplace

No notable changes this week.