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Budget: Updates to Forecast to Complete

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.


Budget: Updates to Forecast to Complete

The following improvements and new functionality have been added to the Forecast to Complete feature in the Budget tool:

  1. General Conditions Monitoring
  2. Redesign of the Forecast to Complete Modal (Opt in!)

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1. General Conditions Monitoring

When clicking a value for a line item under Forecast to Complete, you will see a Monitored Resource option under Calculation Method. 

Monitored resources allows you to enter resource unit rates,  time duration and utilization percentage for multiple resources.  Procore uses that information to calculate the planned amount for that line item and automatically decrease the forecast to complete as time passes on a weekly or monthly cadence. See Which option should I use when Using the Forecast to Complete tool?


2. Opt in to the Redesign of the Forecast to Complete Modal

The Budget tool has changed how you drill down into your financial data while still interacting with the rest of the budget.

Previously, when you clicked into a line item's hyperlink to see the details of that line item, the detail pop-up blocked the rest of your budget. Now, while using the Forecast to Complete, you have the ability to opt-in to a new feature that shows the details of that column in a section at the bottom of the page. This allows you access to both the details and the rest of your budget at the same time so you can easily compare details to other line item information on the screen.