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Directory: New Directory Tool Experience to be Procore's Default View

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.
Published: March 12, 2018  /  Last Updated: March 22, 2018


Welcome to the New Directory Tool Experience 

Procore has updated the Company and Project level Directory tools so that the new Directory experience (which was released and available to all users in 2017 as part of a Beta program), is now Procore's default view. This new user experience was designed to provide Procore users with access to some of the most requested features and performance enhancements. The new Directory layout delivers fast and efficient access to an expanded set of features and benefits. It also includes a new layout that provide users with enhanced capabilities for searching, filtering, sorting and grouping directory data.

During the Directory tool's Beta Program, all Procore users had the option of switching between the new 'Beta View' and the 'Default View'. Now that the Beta Program is drawing to a close, the former 'Beta View' has been made available to users as the 'Default View' (see Switch Between Views in the Company Directory and Switch Between Views in the Project Directory). In addition, the former 'Default View' is still available to users as the 'Legacy View' until further notice. In the future, please note that Procore does plan to transition the 'Legacy View' to its End-Of-Life. A date for that transition will be announced in the future. 

For more information about the new experience see What is the New Directory Tool Experience?



Why is this important?

The Directory tool is often considered to be the 'backbone' of Procore's user experience and as the Procore web application and platforms expand, the new experience positions the Directory tool for future scaling and growth in order to best support our user's needs. 

  • To Enhance Performance
    The new experience significantly reduces web page load time for all of our users. It also anticipates and address the future needs of our customer-base, by providing you with a more efficient and robust Directory tool lets you support and organise extremely large numbers of company and contact records. 
  • To Improve Overall Usability 
    The new experience adds much needed flexibility to filtering, sorting and grouping data. Expanded search capabilities also make finding the exact you need quicker and easier. 
  • To Increase Content Visibility and Speed Up Your Access to Your Data
    The new tabbed navigation significantly increases users access to content.  functions and features available were not well known among users in the previous experience. As the Directory tool grew, space limitations of the original design kept new features and functions relatively 'hidden' from view.

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