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Release Notes for 2018-02-20

Below are notable changes to Procore for the week ending Friday, February 16, 2018.

Core | Product Management | Construction Financials | Quality & Safety | Field Productivity | App Marketplace

pl-core.png Core

Updated 'Add Filter' in Companies Tab of Directory Tools To Reflect Cost Code Configuration (14/2/2018)
Dashboards Chart Now Show Loading State In Sidebar (14/2/2018)
Added 'Sub Job Code' Column to Custom Timesheet Reports (14/2/2018)

Updated the Company and Project level Reports tool to add 'Sub Job Code' to the 'Timesheets - Available Columns' list in custom Timesheet reports. Note: In a timesheet, both the 'Sub Job Name' and 'Sub Job Code' are associated with a timesheet when the person creating or editing the timesheet specifies a 'Sub Job'. See Create a Timesheet

New 'Substantial Completion Dates' for Custom Main Contract Report (13/2/2018)
Added 'Contract Dates' To 'Commitments: Available Columns' In Custom Reports (12/2/2018)

pl-project-management.png Product Management

Added New Banner To Alert User About Maximum Number of Drawing Downloads With Smart Markup (14/2/2018) 
Export PDFs Now Use a File Naming Convention (13/2/2018)

Updated the Project level RFIs tool so that now, when the system downloads a PDF file using the Export > All Responses or Export > Official Responses Only menu options, Procore now allows users to download a file that can be more easily identified. The PDF file name now starts with the following file naming convention: <Project Name>-<RFI Number>-<RFI Title>.

Removed the 'View PDF' Link from 'Response to RFI' Email (12/2/2018) 

Updated the body of the 'Response to RFI' email notification that is sent by Procore when one of the 'Assigned To' people on an RFI submits a reply (see Reply to an RFI). Prior to this update, the 'View PDF' link was located next to the 'More Details' label towards the top of the email message. The 'View PDF' link has been removed. 

pl-quality-safety.png Construction Financials

Main Contract
New 'Substantial Completion Dates' for Custom Main Contract Report

pl-quality-safety.png Quality & Safety

New Inspection Response Options (15/2/2018)

pl-field-productivity.png Field Productivity

Added Additional Field Tickboxes To The Timesheets Tool's Configure Settings Page (15/2/2018)
Deployed Minor Cosmetic Updates on Timesheets Tool (13/2/2018)
Deployed Minor Cosmetic Updates for the Create Timesheets Page (5/2/2018)

Updated the user interface on the Project level Timesheets tool's Create Timesheets page. This including minor cosmetic updates to the Search bar in the Employee drop-down list. Also applied changes to improve visibility of the Employee Name and Initials on each timesheet.


pl-app-marketplace.png App Marketplace

Dexter + Chaney Spectrum Connector
Updated Tooltip on 'Ready to Export' Page of Jobs Tab in ERP Integrations (12/2/2018)

Updated the 'Template' drop-down list on the 'Read to Export' page of the Jobs tab in the ERP Integrations tool so the tooltip now reads: "Select an existing Spectrum Job to supply the Division, Taxable Flag, Price Type, Customer, Cost Centres (if activated) and Customer fields for this export."

Added the 'Signature' and 'Date Signed' Fields to DocuSign Envelope (16/2/2018)
Status Changes to 'Approved' After Completed DocuSign Signature (14/2/2018)
Payment Application Contact Now Populates DocuSign Envelopes for Payment Applications (14/2/2018)
ERP Integrations
Updated ERP Status Banners (17/2/2018)

Updated the colour scheme of the ERP Integration tool's status banners. See ERP Integrations: Updated Colour Scheme for ERP Icons.

Updated ERP Integrations Tool's Sync For Main Contract Amount (12/2/2018)

Updated the Main Contract Amount on the 'Ready to Import' page of the ERP Integrations tool. The system now syncs new Main Contract Amount data (if available) from the integrated ERP system on each programmed sync and each on-demand sync for the ERP-integrated project.