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Release Notes for 2018-07-02

Below are notable changes to Procore for the week ending Friday, June 29, 2018.

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pl-core.png Core

Reduced Frequency of Email Messages for Insurance Expirations (25/6/2018)

Updated the Company and Project level Directory tools to reduce the number of emails sent to Insurance Managers about expirations. Now, the system sends the Insurance Manager emails only when the insurance has been expired for less than 60 days. After 60 days, the system stops sending email notifications. 

Added Employee ID to Custom Reports Feature on Timesheets (28/6/2018)

Updated the Company and Project level Reports tool to add an Employee ID column to the custom reports feature for the Project level Timesheets tool. 

pl-project-management.png Product Management

Updated Button Label to 'Publish All' (25/6/2018)

Updated the Project level Drawings tool to change the label on the 'Publish' button to 'Publish All.'

Edit the Assignment on an Meeting Agenda Inline (29/6/2018)

Updated the Project level Meetings tool so that when viewing a meeting agenda, users can click into the Assignment cell on the table to add, change and remove assignees. 

Added 'Sub Job' Column to Items View (27/6/2018)

Updated the Project level RFIs tool to add a Sub Job column to the table of RFIs in the Items view.

Confirm Delete Action for Calendar Items (27/6/2018)

Updated the Project level Programme tool to add a confirmation dialogue that will now appear for the user to confirm the delete action when attempting to delete a calendar item. 

Added 'No Responses' Option to 'Response' Filter (27/6/2018)

Updated the Project level Submittals tool to update the Response filter to include the 'No Responses' option. Now, when users apply this filter to on of the available views (i.e., Items, Packages and so on), the list updates to show only those submittals that have no responses submitted. This means the submittals in the this either have all responses in the 'Pending' status or the submittals have no Submitters/Approvers assigned.

pl-construction-financials.png Construction Financials

Search for Values in the Budget Modifications Popup Window (27/6/2018)

Updated the Budget Modifications popup window on the Project level Budget tool. Now, users can search for budget line items by typing values in the 'Select a Budget Line item' field.

pl-quality-safety.png Quality & Safety

Added Tiered Locations to Filters (27/6/2018)

Updated the Inspections tool to add all of the tiered locations to the Add Filters drop-down list. 

pl-field-productivity.png Field Productivity

Add Workers Without Including an Email Address (28/6/2018)

Updated the Project level Crews tool so users can now add 'workers' (e.g. craft workers, temp laborers and seasonal employees) to the project's Crews tool without an email address and the 'workers' will then be automatically added to the Field Productivity tools Employee list. See Add a Worker.

pl-app-marketplace.png App Marketplace

No notable changes.