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Submittals: Updated the Submittals Tool to Support Sub Jobs

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.
Published: August 10, 2018


Submittals: New Enhancements to Support Sub Jobs 

Procore updated the Project level Submittals tool to better support construction projects when the existing Enable Sub Jobs setting has been turned ON. This is a project level configuration setting that is beneficial when a project team requires the use of job cost accounting methods on a job with sub jobs. For example, if you are a general building contractor working on a high-rise project, some reasons for creating a sub job in Procore might include needs such as: 

  • The ability to track buildings, floors, areas (and so on) as separate line items within the project budget. 
  • The ability to track variations as separate line items within the project budget.
  • The ability to better track follow-up or finishing work for the project.

To turn the Enable Sub Jobs setting ON, a user with 'Admin' level permission on the Project level Admin tool must submit a request to your Procore point of contact. After that setting is enabled in your company's Procore account, project team members who have been granted the appropriate access permission level on the Project level Admin tool can then add sub jobs to Procore projects. For instructions, see Add a Sub Job to a Procore Project

The new 'Sub Job' drop-down list and column works with the Enable Sub Jobs setting to give your users a way to associate a sub job with a Submittal. Users can select the appropriate sub job when creating or editing a Submittal. Procore is also planning to update the Items tab in the Submittals tool by adding a new 'Sub Jobs' column and will also be releasing a Sub Job filter in the Add Filter menu. This will provide users with better visibility into the Submittals for specific sub jobs. It also provides Submittal Managers with a better way to quickly identify the sub job's that are specific to a project's Submittals. 

What's a Sub Job?

To learn more about sub jobs and how they are used Procore, see Add a Sub Job to a Procore Project. The sub job setting is also useful for company's who have enabled the Company level ERP Integrations tool (see ERP Integrations). See Which integrated ERP systems support the 'Sub Job' concept?

Important! It is important to note that, that the Enable Sub Jobs setting is NOT related to the Jobs and Parent Jobs concept in Procore. For details, see What's the difference between a job, a parent job and a sub job?