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Release Notes for 2019-05-13

Below are notable changes to Procore for the week ending Friday, May 10, 2019.

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Core Tools

Updated Service Account Creation (9/5/2019)

Procore has implemented a new security enhancements for service accounts. Now, when users with 'Admin' level permission on the Company Admin tool create a service account, the client secret (i.e., the unique identifier that acts like a password) will only be accessible at the time of creation. Clients will now need to save it in a secure location and the secret will not be visible after this point. If for any reason you loses the client secret, you will have to create a new service account. See Add, Modify or Delete a Service Account

Product Management

Added the Ability to Mark Emails as Spam (10/5/2019)

Procore has added a 'Spam' inbox to the Emails tool to allow users to mark emails as spam. When you mark an email as spam, it will automatically be moved from the 'Inbox' or 'All' views to the 'Spam' view. See Emails: New! 'Spam' Inbox in the Emails Tool.

New Integrated PDF Markup for Submittal Attachments (10/5/2019)

Procore has redesigned the attachment viewer in the project's Submittals tool to provide users with enhanced markup capabilities. Prior to this update, users who wanted to apply markups to an attachment were required to download the attached file, open it a third-party markup program (i.e., Adobe® Acrobat® or Bluebeam® Studio), and then upload the revision with the markup to a submittal. See Submittals: New! Integrated PDF Markup for Submittal Attachments.

Quality & Safety

Apply Additional Filters to Observations (10/5/2019)

Procore has updated the Add Filters menu in the Project level Observation tool to allow you to narrow the items in view by Origin Type. For a complete list of filters see, Search for and Filter Observations.

Construction Financials

Right-click to Open or Edit Tender Packages (9/5/2019)

Updated the Tendering tool to allow users to right click and open or edit Tender Packages in a new tab from the Tender Packages list page.

Added the Quick Add Feature for the Directory Tool to Add Tenderers (7/5/2019)

Added the Directory tool's Quick Add feature to the Add Tenderers step in the Tender Package creation wizard. 

Change Events
Track Potential Revenue Throughout the Change Management Process (6/5/2019)

Procore has enhanced the ability to track the potential revenue for change events. This includes the addition of a new Revenue ROM field for line items that can be set either to automatically match the most firm cost available, to £0.00 for in-scope changes or to any manually entered value. These fields will default to the appropriate value based on the scope of the change event. To learn more, see Track Potential Revenue Throughout the Change Management Process.

Field Productivity

No notable changes.

App Marketplace

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