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Action Plans: Notifications Feature Now Available in the Actions Plans Tool

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.
  Feature Released: July 12, 2021

Send Notifications in Procore's Action Plans Tool

Users can now send notifications from the Action Plans tool on Procore's web and mobile applications. For a list of notification capabilities for Action Plans, see Notification Capabilities for Action Plans. Users can configure notifications via Action Plan Settings. For more information, see Configure Action Plans Notification Settings.

Notification Capabilities for Action Plans:
  • A plan has been published and user is assigned items
  • A plan has been signed by all approvers
  • An assignee was assigned items to a previously published plan
  • # days until your assigned item is due
    Note: This notification defaults to 3 days. Users on the project with permission to edit notification settings can adjust this number to anywhere from 1-99 days. 
  • An assignee has an assigned item that is due today
  • An assigned item is unblocked and the assignee can now take action
  • Items are overdue
  • All assignee signatures for a plan have been collected
  • Action Plan has been signed by all receivers 

Notifications Types


Action Plan Items.png

Push (Android and iOS)


Configure Notifications

Users can configure notifications in Action Plan Settings at the Project level. 

Action Plan Settings.png

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