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Mobile: Visual Updates to Procore iOS and Android Apps

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.
Updated: November 05, 2021


Consistent Designs on Procore iOS and Android Apps

In a continued effort to bring consistency to the experiences across Procore's mobile applications, visual updates have been made to tools on the iOS and Android apps. This includes consistent headers on all tools and updated icons for actions such as creating a new item. This release helps to ensure a more streamlined experience when working in Procore tools on either mobile application.

You may need to update your mobile device to the latest version of the Procore app in order to see the changes.

Visual updates can be seen across the navigation controls. This includes:

  • Navigation bar
  • Search and filter bar
  • Segmented controller
  • Calendar view controller
  • Sync bar
  • Section title bar

Examples of Visual Changes

Snag List

Snag List (iOS) - Before Snag List (iOS) - After
ios-punch-before.png ios-punch-list-after.png


Snag List (Android) - Before Snag List (Android) - After
android-punch-list-before.png android-punch-after.png



The visual updates for the Drawings tool are not yet available for all devices.
Drawings (iOS) - Before Drawings (iOS) - After
ios-drawings-before.png ios-drawings-after.png


Drawings (Android) - Before Drawings (Android) - After
android-drawings-before.png android-drawings-after.png

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