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Procore Estimating: Select from Multiple Customers for a Tender Export

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.
 Feature Released: March 31, 2021


Export Tenders for Specific Customers

Procore Estimating has added a 'Customer' field to the 'Show Tender' page that allows you to easily select the customer you want to send a tender to. Instead of having to go back to the project's Details page to change the customer, you can now select a specific customer directly from the Show Tender page each time you export the tender. After a customer is selected, the name and contact information is automatically replaced for the tender export.



  1. Navigate to the relevant project in Procore Estimating.
  2. Click Estimating
  3. Click Show Tender.
  4. On the Tender Details section, scroll down to 'Customer Information'.
  5. Click on the Customer field to view all available customers. 
  6. Select the customer you want to export the tender for. 
    Note: The customer's name and contact information is automatically added to the Customer section of the tender. 
  7. Click Select
  8. When you are ready to export the tender, click Export Tender

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