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Timesheets: New Privacy Setting for Timecards in the Timesheets Tool

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.
Feature Released: October 27, 2021


Make Timecards Private by Default

To give users greater privacy over who can see their Timecards, Procore has added a privacy setting to the Company level Timesheets tool. Users with 'Admin' level permissions on the Timesheets tool can apply the "Make timecards private by default setting" at the Company level to make Timecards private for users with Read-only and Standard permissions, see Configure Advanced Settings: Company Level Timesheets. Private Timecards will only be visible to the creator of the timecard, the user the time is being tracked for and admins of the Timesheets tool. Prior to this setting, users only needed read-only permissions to view all timesheets in the Project and Company level Timesheets tool. 

  • Enabling the setting will make all existing and future timecards across all projects private for users with Read-only and Standard permissions. 
  • This privacy setting only affects the visibility of timecards in the Timesheets tools. It does not change the privacy of timecards in the company level Timecard tool and the Site Diary Timecard module. See What is a 'private' timecard and which timecards can be set to private?
  • To disable the privacy feature, remove the tick from the setting. After you click Update, your settings will go into effect.


Pictured is the default setting in the Company level Timesheets tool's Configuration Settings page.



  1. Navigate to the Company level Timesheets tool.
  2. Click Configure Settings gear icon-config-settings.png to open the Configurations page.
  3. In the Timesheet Settings section you will see the 'Make timecards private by default' setting.
  4. Place a tick in the tickbox to turn on the default setting. 
  5. Click Update. This saves your new configuration settings.
    Note: All existing and future timecards in the Timesheets tool will be set to private. 

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