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Site Diary: Modernised Site Diary Experience

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.

Feature Announced: January 5, 2022 Feature Released: May 6, 2022


Modernised Design and Performance Upgrades for the Site Diary Tool

Procore is soon releasing a modernised version of the Site Diary 'List View' to provide users with a more consistent and optimised experience using and managing site diaries. The new experience will feature a modernised interface that is consistent with other Procore tools and offers new features to improve performance.

About the New Site Diary Experience 

The modernised experience lays the groundwork for future enhancements to the Site Diary tool. For this release, the update will include:

  • Upgraded Search Experience: Procore is updating the search results page to be more consistent with the List view. Users will be able to search for diary entries and edit those entries where applicable. 
  • New ‘Status’ Filter for Site Diary Entries: Users will have the ability to filter the List view by ‘Status’ to see and approve all ‘Pending’ entries for the selected date or date range. This will replace the need for the ‘View All Pending’ button and page. 
    Note: Multiple entries will not be able to be approved in bulk from the List view. 
  • Updated Multi-Day View: When viewing multiple days in the List view, the entries will load for multiple days all on the same page.



If you have questions or feedback about the Site Diary redesign, contact