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Introducing Workforce Planning

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.
Feature Announced: July 29, 2022  /  Feature Released: July 28, 2022


New Company Level Workforce Management Tool

Procore is proud to introduce Workforce Planning, a Construction Workforce Management solution that provides real-time insight into your workforce's availability and skillset with a centralised rostering, scheduling and communication hub. 

With Workforce Planning, you can:

  • Programme your workforce with real-time insight into your workforce's availability and skill set. 
  • Forecast future projects by planning assignments and using historical data to make educated decisions when looking ahead.
  • Connect by providing access to current programmes and streamlining communication to employees with integrated text messages and alerts so everyone is communicating in a single system in real-time.


Workforce Planning is generally available for Procore Customers. Reach out to your Procore account team or Customer Success Manager to learn more.



Add your workforce and include key information such as job titles, roles, certifications and locations. Create assignments to programme your workforce based on their skills and the needs of the job. Manage assignments in real time as your needs change.



Better understand when you have a surplus of personnel or a deficit of personnel and proactively reallocate people to best optimise the utilization of your workforce.



Access Workforce Planning from anywhere to see your people and their programmes. Notify everyone from the field to office about scheduling changes, with real-time SMS messages , emails and notifications. 


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